Re: [PATCH v13 0/9] LSM: Multiple concurrent LSMs

From: Paul Moore
Date: Wed Apr 24 2013 - 14:58:05 EST

On Tuesday, April 23, 2013 09:04:06 AM Casey Schaufler wrote:
> Subject: [PATCH v13 0/9] LSM: Multiple concurrent LSMs
> Change the infrastructure for Linux Security Modules (LSM)s from a
> single vector of hook handlers to a list based method for handling
> multiple concurrent modules.
> The "security=" boot option takes a comma separated list of LSMs,
> registering them in the order presented. The LSM hooks will be
> executed in the order registered. Hooks that return errors are
> not short circuited. All hooks are called even if one of the LSM
> hooks fails. The result returned will be that of the last LSM
> hook that failed.


> The NetLabel, XFRM and secmark facilities are restricted to use
> by one LSM at a time. This is due to limitations of the underlying
> networking mechanisms. The good news is that viable configurations
> can be created. The bad news is that the complexity of configuring
> a system is necessarily increased.

I know we had a good discussion about this a while back and I just wanted to
hear from you about this current patchset; how does the labeled networking LSM
assignment work? Is it first-come-first-served based on the 'security='

paul moore

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