Re: [PATCH V3 4/9] mtd: get the ECC info from the Extended ParameterPage

From: Huang Shijie
Date: Thu Apr 25 2013 - 02:37:12 EST

ä 2013å04æ25æ 14:20, Brian Norris åé:
No, you cannot do this. Some drivers will provide their own cmdfunc,
so nand_command_lp() is unexpected for those drivers.
ok. got it.
Your problem seems, instead, that you are executing this function too
early, before nand_flash_get_type() is able to assign
yes. This is just the case i meet.
nand_command_lp() to be your cmdfunc. You might just want to call this
function after the following lines in nand_flash_get_type():

/* Do not replace user supplied command function! */
if (mtd->writesize> 512&& chip->cmdfunc == nand_command)
chip->cmdfunc = nand_command_lp;

I will send a fix patch about this patch.

Huang Shijie

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