Re: Linux 3.9-rc8

From: Henrik Rydberg
Date: Thu Apr 25 2013 - 06:14:09 EST

> > Yes, I was really hoping (and originally planning) to release 3.9
> > final this weekend, but we had enough issues that I just didn't feel
> > comfy about it. It was borderline, and none of the issues were huge,
> > and maybe I could have called this just 3.9 and opened the merge
> > window, but hey, another week won't hurt.
> My much-bashed MBA3,1 begs to differ:
> commit cc5a080c5d40c36089bb08a8a16fa3fc7047fe0f
> Author: Matthew Garrett <matthew.garrett@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Mon Apr 15 13:09:46 2013 -0700
> efi: Pass boot services variable info to runtime code
> breaks EFI boot on that machine. Reverting on top of master, with
> small trimmings, makes it boot again. Perhaps this patch can wait for
> the next cycle?

Seems Matt already sent a pull request with Josh's working fix, thanks.

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