[RFC PATCH 0/5] Add aix lvm partitions support

From: Philippe De Muyter
Date: Thu Apr 25 2013 - 17:19:11 EST

This patches serie implements a mapping from AIX LVM logical volumes
to linux partitions, for AIX disks from versions AIX 3 & AIX 4,
maybe later versions also, but this has not been tested.

Because the LVM layer of AIX allows logical volumes to be made of
separate so-called physical partitions which can be anywhere on the
disk, and allows up to 256 logical volumes, while Linux allows
only 16 partitions per disk, partitions which must be contiguous,
only a subset of the AIX logical volumes found can be mappedi to linux
partitions, but that's enough to make it usefull in real life.

AIX partitions discovery has been grafted to the msdos partitions
code, because AIX disks often contain an msdos partition table,
and this grafting avoids removal of the AIX protection already
included in msdos.c while avoiding code duplication.

Comments welcome


PS: a companion AIX JFS fs read-only driver will follow

[PATCH 1/5] partitions/msdos.c: end-of-line whitespace and semicolon cleanup
[PATCH 2/5] Add aix lvm partitions support files
[PATCH 3/5] partitions/msdos: enumerate also AIX LVM partitions
[PATCH 4/5] partitions/Makefile: compile aix.c if configured.
[PATCH 5/5] partitions/Kconfig: add the AIX_PARTITION entry
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