Re: [PATCH v2] PowerPC: kernel: compiling issue, make additionalroom in exception vector area

From: Mike Qiu
Date: Thu Apr 25 2013 - 23:55:14 EST

ä 2013/4/26 11:42, Chen Gang åé:
On 2013å04æ26æ 11:25, Chen Gang wrote:
On 2013å04æ26æ 11:08, Mike Qiu wrote:
ä 2013/4/26 10:06, Chen Gang åé:
On 2013å04æ26æ 10:03, Mike Qiu wrote:
ïï 2013/4/26 9:36, Chen Gang Ðïï:
On 2013ïï04ïï26ïï 09:18, Chen Gang wrote:
On 2013ïï04ïï26ïï 09:06, Chen Gang wrote:
CFAR is the Come From Register. It saves the location of the
branch and is hence overwritten by any branch.

Do we process it just like others done (e.g. 0x300, 0xe00,
0xe20 ...) ?
. = 0x900
.globl decrementer_pSeries
b decrementer_pSeries_0


Oh, it seems EXCEPTION_PROLOG_1 will save the regesters which related
with CFAR, so I think need move EXCEPTION_PROLOG_1 to near 0x900.
I will try your diff V2, to see if the machine can boot up
OK, thanks. (hope it can work)
It seems that the machine can be bootup in powernv mode, but I'm not
sure if my machine call that module.

At lease my machine can boot up
Please reference commit number: 1707dd161349e6c54170c88d94fed012e3d224e3
(1707dd1 powerpc: Save CFAR before branching in interrupt entry paths)

What our diff v2 has done is just the fix for our patch v2 (just like
the commit 1707dd1 has done).

Please check, thanks.

I will check this evening or tomorrow, I have something else to do this afteroon.
Thank you for your information !

I have checked the disassemble by powerpc64-linux-gnu-objdump, it seems
all we have done for 0x900 is almost like the original done for 0x200.

I am just learning about the CFAR (google it), And I plan to wait for a
day, if all things go smoothly, I will send patch v3.


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