From: Sen. Mathew Nwagwu
Date: Sat Apr 27 2013 - 11:54:25 EST

Chairman of House
Committee on Foreign Affairs
Phone:- 234-8176733785
Email: - Sen.Mathew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am the new appointed Chairman of House Committee on Foreign Affairs. I discovered your original payment file where it was abandoned in an old drawer in my new office. During my investigation about your payment file, I discovered another new file made in your name but your information was changed to divert your fund to a difference country and bank account. You should have received your fund long time ago but it seems that some group interests are after your fund to divert it to somewhere else. Your original payment file was approved to pay you $15 Million by the government some years back but it was abandoned. It is very important you get back to me to use my new office and position to assist you to get the fund release to you as my first assignment.

Best regards
Sen.Mathew I. Nwagwu

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