Re: [PATCH 03/21] ARM: shmobile: don't call irqchip_init unconditionallyA

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Mon Apr 29 2013 - 08:58:26 EST

On Friday 26 April 2013, Bastian Hecht wrote:
> > This one seems broken as the armadillo800eva board currently uses
> > it to initialise GIC even if CONFIG_ATAGS is not defined.
> >
> > I did test the above change on the armadillo800eva board
> > with the above change and CONFIG_ATAGS disabled, the result was
> > a boot failure. With the change reverted booting seems fine.
> CONFIG_ATAGS and CONFIG_ARM_APPENDED_DTB are two ways to pass the
> device tree information, right?

No, the two are methods alternative methods for booting from a legacy
boot loader. CONFIG_ATAGS is the old boot method without a DT, using
a board file and a MACHINE_START() macro. ARM_APPENDED_DTB means you
have a DT linked into the kernel but pass ATAGS to the kernel which
uses the passed data to modify the DT.

> So we run into trouble when we use the later but disable the first.
> Is there a reason why you wanted to avoid using two times just "if

I incorrectly assumed that the second one was only used without DT,
since it uses hardcoded MMIO locations rather than using of_iomap().

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