Re: [PATCH 21/21] mtd: omap2: allow bulding as a module

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Mon Apr 29 2013 - 09:34:42 EST

On Wednesday 24 April 2013, Gupta, Pekon wrote:
> [Pekon]:
> ELM module is required in for Hardware based ECC correction for
> NAND devices. And this driver has a very small foot-print.
> The only cases this drives would not be used are:
> (a) Using S/W based ECC scheme, which have vey high CPU utilization
> (b) Using single bit ECC scheme, which are becoming obsolete due to
> increasing NAND densities.
> For most of the cases ELM module will be used with nand-driver. So
> there should be no harm in having this module as built-in, if not used
> in 10% of the use-cases.
> Thus I think it's better to keep this module tied to GPMC module,
> rather than independent control via KConfig.
> And user should just selects which ECC scheme he would like to
> use via DT, without worrying about KConfig options.

Sorry, I'm lost here and have no idea what you are actually suggesting
we do. Can you phrase that as a patch?

Unless you come up with a better solution, I would still like to queue
up my patch since it fixes an annoying bug and seems to have no downsides.

> I'm working in cleaning up omap2-nand driver to remove some
> redundancies. So would like to know your feedback on same..

Sure, just Cc me on your patches.

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