kconfig-frontends- released

From: Yann E. MORIN
Date: Mon Apr 29 2013 - 18:22:26 EST

Hello All!

I'm pleased to announce the release of kconfig-frontends!
Go download it there:

The kconfig-frontends package provides the kconfig parser, as well as all the
kconfig frontends and utilities, packaged using the traditional autotools, so
the kconfig infrastructure is easy to deploy, either locally or system-wide.

What's new since
- migrated from Hg to git (yeah!)
- updated from linux-3.9:
- fix colors with ncursesw
- parser:
- allow specifying an alternate prefix at runtime with $CONFIG_
- frontends:
- conf : add '\n' to "NEW" symbols when output is redirected (oldconfig)
- mconf: add load/save buttons
- mconf: remove legacy "Load/save alternate" menu entries
- mconf: allow left/right navigation in input boxes
- nconf: eye-candy on the function-keys line
- nconf: help text revamp up to speed with current functionality
- utilities:
- merge_config: add option to specify output dir
- handle curses libs with separate libtinfo (eg. Gentoo)

As a reminder, the home for kconfig-frontends is:

And the repository can be browsed or git-cloned from:
It is also possible to clone using the git protocol:

kconfig-frontends is not meant to replace the in-tree Linux kconfig, but
really targets third-party projects that want an easy path to following
the evolution of kconfig, without the burden to manually synchronise from
the Linux kernel source tree.

Any comment, any feedback, any patch is welcome! ;-)

Yann E. MORIN.

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