Re: [alsa-devel] [PATCH] ASoC: generic: add generic compound cardwith DT support

From: Jean-Francois Moine
Date: Wed Jan 01 2014 - 15:10:03 EST

On Wed, 01 Jan 2014 20:05:05 +0100
Lars-Peter Clausen <lars@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> As Mark also said, this binding definitely leaks way too much internals of
> the current ASoC implementation. In my opinion the way forward for ASoC is
> to stop to distinguish between different types of components. This is on one
> hand CODECS and CPU-DAIs and on the other hand also front-end and beck-end
> DAIs. The first steps in this direction have already been take by the start
> of the component-fication, but its still a long way to go. Exposing those
> concepts via the devicetree will only make it harder to get rid of them
> later. The bindings for a compound card should essentially describe which
> components are involved and how the fabric between and around them looks
> like. If the type of the component is needed in the ASoC implementation it
> should be possible to auto-discover it. Also I think we want to align the
> devicetree bindings with what the media people have been doing[1].

(you forgot the [1] reference)

> Audio and
> video are not that different in this regard and there will also be boards
> where the audio and video fabric will be intermingled (e.g. like on your
> board with HDMI).

I found a way to discover the DAI link types for my system: when simple
DAPM, the kirkwood CPU DAIs have an ID != 0. For the Cubox, the CPU DAI
of the first link (system playback) has the ID 0, so I can move to DPCM
setting the 'dynamic' and 'no_pcm' flags in the DAI links at snd
platform probe time.

Then, after some extensions of the simple-card, the DT would look like
(not tested yet):

sound {
compatible = "simple-audio-card";
simple-audio-routing =
"HDMI I2S Playback", "System Playback",
"HDMI SPDIF Playback", "System Playback",
"SPDIF Playback", "System Playback",

"hdmi-out-i2s", "HDMI I2S Playback",
"hdmi-out-spdif", "HDMI SPDIF Playback",
"spdif-out", "SPDIF Playback";

simple-audio-card,cpu@0 {
link-name = "System audio"; /* extension */
sound-dai = <&audio1 0>;
playback; /* extension */
format = "i2s";
simple-audio-card,codec@0 {
sound-dai-name = "snd-soc-dummy-dai";

/* multi-links extension */
simple-audio-card,cpu@1 {
link-name = "hdmi-i2s";
platform-name = "snd-soc-dummy"; /* extension */
sound-dai = <&audio1 1>;
simple-audio-card,codec@1 {
sound-dai = <&hdmi_codec 0>;

simple-audio-card,cpu@2 {
link-name = "hdmi-spdif";
platform-name = "snd-soc-dummy";
sound-dai = <&audio1 2>;
simple-audio-card,codec@2 {
sound-dai = <&hdmi_codec 1>;

simple-audio-card,cpu@3 {
link-name = "spdif";
platform-name = "snd-soc-dummy";
sound-dai = <&audio1 1>;
simple-audio-card,codec@3 {
sound-dai = <&spdif_codec>;

May I go to this direction?

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