n900 led compiler (was Re: [PATCH] Add LED pattern trigger)

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Sun Jan 05 2014 - 17:23:55 EST


> > IMHO, firstly we should take this trigger into kernel, most time it
> > works as a module. But we need to define a good interface between
> > kernel and user space.
> You need the interface defined first. To do that it needs to reflect the
> actual hardware accelerated devices, and also to deal with resource
> management for those devices if necessary (eg if they can only manage one
> led of a set at a time).

Hardware can do quite a lot:


(and more).

I implemented compiler for it (should we put it into tools/ somewhere?)


It can do quite a lot, including prime number computation. This uses
33% of program memory and only one of three execution units; but it
does not work, maybe I made mistake somewhere or maybe our kernel
can't take program this long. It only has 3 writable variables, which
is quite limiting.

a = 1
next_number: a += 1
b = 1
next_divisor: b += 1
br = b
if (b==a) goto is_prime
c = 0
c = c+b
test_prime: if (c==a) goto not_prime
if (a<c) goto not_divisor
c = c+b
goto test_prime
not_divisor: goto next_divisor
not_prime: goto next_number
is_prime: b = 0
show_prime: c = 255
br = c
c = 0
br = c
b += 1
if (b == a) goto next_number2
goto show_prime
next_number2: goto next_number

> So the starting point has to be the hardware accelerated devices, whether
> you then support software emulation in kernel or user space is a follow
> on discussion. What the kernel/user API is also has to be a follow on

Well... this one is turing complete, and I have a compiler, but I
don't think it is good interface, either for library or kernel.

I believe series of RGB values might be good interface, maybe with
additional "want interpolation between these".
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