Re: Gnu - Linux - Lignux, libre speech, and nerds drinking beer.

From: Ove Karlsen
Date: Tue Jan 07 2014 - 11:06:55 EST

Now several years later, people are doing Steam consoles, people talk about Android PCs.

If they go through the same development as me, regarding the licence, this is what they are going to come to:

"However Richard Stallmans egocult, âGNUâ and play on semantics, and even thought-policing people to ânot use the word open-sourceâ etc, is Linux biggest problem, and really similar, and I use my own licence with this. Stallmans âlibre speechâ, âlignuxâ debates, âbe free hackerâ-song, etc, has nothing to do with reality, and his fanboys instead suppress free speech and information, and act like facists when the licence is discussed, which is completely unacceptable, and a known problem both inside and outside linux-circles. Even doing things like contacting web-space providers, etc, that uses GNU software, to manipulate information against their licence. Which ofcourse is what many call âpsychopathyâ, and is ofcourse similar to the censorship of facist regimes."

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