Re: [PATCH 00/14] target: Initial support for DIF Type1+Type3 emulation

From: sagi grimberg
Date: Thu Jan 16 2014 - 02:46:06 EST

On 1/16/2014 3:42 AM, Martin K. Petersen wrote:
"nab" == Nicholas A Bellinger <nab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
nab> The issue is that existing fs/bio-integrity.c code always assumes
nab> client/initiator mode, in that it will attempt to
nab> bio_integrity_generate() protection information in the submit_bio
nab> WRITE path, and bio_integrity_verify() of protection information in
nab> the bio_endio READ completion path.

Only if the submit_bio() caller hasn't attached protection information
already. If you submit a bio with a bip already attached the block layer
will not generate/verify.

Yes, that was my understanding as well.

Thanks Martin,

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