Re: [PATCH] pinctrl: Rename Broadcom Capri pinctrl driver

From: Linus Walleij
Date: Thu Jan 23 2014 - 03:17:16 EST

On Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 11:38 PM, Sherman Yin <syin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> To be consistent with other Broadcom drivers, the Broadcom Capri pinctrl
> driver and its related CONFIG option are renamed to bcm281xx.
> Devicetree compatible string and binding documentation use
> "brcm,bcm11351-pinctrl" to match the machine binding here:
> Documentation/devicetree/bindings/arm/bcm/bcm11351.txt
> This driver supports pinctrl on BCM11130, BCM11140, BCM11351, BCM28145
> and BCM28155 SoCs.
> Signed-off-by: Sherman Yin <syin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Reviewed-by: Matt Porter <mporter@xxxxxxxxxx>

Patch applied for fixes.

If it was only the DT bindings that were rushed to change
you *could* have made a patch just changing these and the
binding doc, and give me the option to defer the changing of
variables and function names, but whatever.

Linus Walleij
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