RE: [RFC PATCH v2 09/14] mtd: nand: add sunxi NFC dt bindings doc

From: Gupta, Pekon
Date: Wed Jan 29 2014 - 13:03:57 EST

Dear Rob, and other DT maintainers,

>From: Rob Herring
>> +- onfi,nand-timing-mode : mandatory if the chip does not support the ONFI
>> + standard.
>Add to generic nand binding.
>> +- allwinner,rb : shall contain the native Ready/Busy ids.
>> + or
>> +- rb-gpios : shall contain the gpios used as R/B pins.
>Isn't allwinner,rb implied by a lack of rb-gpios property. Or no R/B
>pin is an option? If so, don't you need some fixed time delay
>properties like max erase time?
>rb-gpios could be added to the generic nand binding as well.
I do think this should go into generic nand binding, as this is controller specific.
Some controllers have dedicated R/B pin (Ready/Busy) while others may use
GPIO instead. It's the way a hardware controller is designed.

Request you to please consider Ack from MTD Maintainers 'at-least' for
generic NAND DT bindings. There is already a discussion going in
a separate thread for which is still not awaiting replies [1].


with regards, pekon
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