Re: [PATCH] virtio-blk: make the queue depth the max supportable by the hypervisor

From: tytso
Date: Mon Mar 17 2014 - 01:41:18 EST

On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 11:12:15AM +1030, Rusty Russell wrote:
> Note that with indirect descriptors (which is supported by Almost
> Everyone), we can actually use the full index, so this value is a bit
> pessimistic. But it's OK as a starting point.

So is this something that can go upstream with perhaps a slight
adjustment in the commit description? Do you think we need to be able
to dynamically adjust the queue depth after the module has been loaded
or the kernel has been booted? If so, anyone a hint about the best
way to do that would be much appreciated.


- Ted
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