Re: [PATCH 7/7] pid: get pid_t ppid of task in init_pid_ns

From: Tony Luck
Date: Mon Mar 17 2014 - 16:15:00 EST

On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 11:32 AM, Richard Guy Briggs <rgb@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Added the functions task_ppid_nr_ns() and task_ppid_nr() to abstract the lookup
> of the PPID (real_parent's pid_t) of a process, including rcu locking, in the
> arbitrary and init_pid_ns.
> This provides an alternative to sys_getppid(), which is relative to the child
> process' pid namespace.
> +static int pid_alive(const struct task_struct *p);

This patch (or some successor version of it) showed up
in next-20140317 and the above declaration caused a
bunch of warnings on ia64:

include/linux/sched.h:1718: warning: 'pid_alive' declared inline after
being called

[repeated 1675 times across files that include this]

The ia64 complier is a lot happier if "inline" is added like this:

static inline int pid_alive(const struct task_struct *p);

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