[PATCH 00/12] scsi/NCR5380: fix debugging macros and #include structure

From: Finn Thain
Date: Mon Mar 17 2014 - 20:43:46 EST

(Second attempt... sorry for the earlier spam.)

This patch series addresses several issues with NCR5380 drivers:

1. The complex network of #include directives.

2. Three inconsistent implementations of the core driver all attempting
to share the same macro definitions in NCR5380.h.

3. Broken debugging code.

In the past these issues have led to compiler warnings and ugly hacks to
fix build failures.

This patch series fixes the debugging code by reducing the divergence
between the various core driver implementations.

The final two patches in the series further reduce divergence by refactoring
sun3_scsi.c and sun3_scsi_vme.c so that they follow the same structure as
the other NCR5380 drivers.

By the end of this patch series over 800 net lines of code have been
removed. This is mostly duplicated code that's easily eliminated once the
debugging code is made consistent (and some dead code is removed).

Better uniformity and less duplication should assist future work such as
modernization and trivial clean-up.

To make code review easier I've tried to keep these patches succinct and
free of extraneous changes. Though I did run checkpatch.pl, I've ignored
whitespace issues in existing code. I will send separate patches for
whitespace clean-up of NCR5380 drivers.

All NCR5380 drivers have been compile-tested with this patch series:

I've successfully regression tested this patch series using mac_scsi on a
PowerBook 180. The debugging macros are now usable again.


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