Re: [RFC] QR encoding for Oops messages

From: Borislav Petkov
Date: Wed Mar 19 2014 - 14:03:39 EST

On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 02:59:47PM -0700, Teodora Baluta wrote:
> This feature encodes Oops messages into a QR barcode that is scannable by
> any device with a camera.
> If the config option for this feature is enabled, then when an Oops is
> in progress, the printk() calls' strings are buffered. When the Oops
> finishes, the buffer is compressed, encoded into a QR and then displayed
> to frame buffer. The compression is done with zlib from lib/.
> Current issues:
> * the QR code is sometimes displayed on top of the console text,
> sometimes under it, thus making it unscannable
> * the compression rate could be better than what zlib offers
> * not tested for Oops messages issued from several CPUs
> As far as decoding is concerned, there are a lot of apps on mobile devices
> that decode QR codes (just text mostly). In order to make this work, an
> app which also decodes the QR code is needed. I will be working the next
> couple of weeks on an Android app which scans the Oops encoding QR and
> sends it to a server which keeps track of these Oopses that are sent to
> it making a sort of stream of the latest Oopses. Any thoughts on what the best
> workflow would be are more than welcomed.
> Also, if there are any suggestions on how to solve some of the issues,
> they are more than welcomed.

Definitely a great idea. Which tree is the patch against?



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