Possible software flow problem in serial_core

From: Bollinger, Seth
Date: Thu Mar 20 2014 - 09:51:48 EST

Hello All,

We+IBk-ve recently run into a possible problem with software flow control
handling in the serial+AF8-core layer.

Here is the scenario:

1. Transmit from uart to remote device
2. Remote device sends us an XOFF
3. The tty layer receives the XOFF
4. stop+AF8-tty() - The uart transmitter is stopped (ops-+AD4-stop+AF8-tx) just as the
serial+AF8-core ring is cleared (this could trap a few bytes in the fifo).
5. Remote device sends us an XON
6. The tty layer receives the XON
7. start+AF8-tty() - However, the serial+AF8-core ring is empty, so the call to
start the uart transmitter (uart+AF8-start:ops-+AD4-start+AF8-tx) is skipped

Any window, however small, could leave bytes stuck in the transmitter
forever -- particularly if there will be no further transmission until
receiving a response.

I can't find any functionality in the drivers that accounts for this
possibility. Can you help me find how Linux serial drivers manage this



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