Re: [PATCH] [media] davinci-vpfe: Fix retcode check

From: Andrey Utkin
Date: Tue Jul 08 2014 - 10:59:02 EST

2014-07-08 17:32 GMT+03:00 Levente Kurusa <lkurusa@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hmm, while it is true that get_ipipe_mode returns an int, but
> the consequent call to regw_ip takes an u32 as its second
> argument. Did it cause a build warning for you? (Can't really
> check since I don't have ARM cross compilers close-by)
> If not, then:

Cannot say for sure would compiler complain.
I also haven't really checked it, and unfortunately even haven't
succeeded to make a config that would build that code. But i believe
that warning is still better than misbehaviour.

Andrey Utkin
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