[PATCH 1/3] regulators: tps65218: fix DCDC4 linear voltage range

From: Felipe Balbi
Date: Tue Jul 08 2014 - 15:09:52 EST

The second range of this particular regulator,
starts at 1.60V, not as 1.55V as it was originally
implied by code.

Signed-off-by: Felipe Balbi <balbi@xxxxxx>

based on datasheet only. Also boot tested on another,
yet-to-be-released HW.ÂA 50mV difference is probably
not a big deal for any users of DCDC4 but it's still
good to be correct.

drivers/regulator/tps65218-regulator.c | 2 +-
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/drivers/regulator/tps65218-regulator.c b/drivers/regulator/tps65218-regulator.c
index 9effe48..8b7a0a9 100644
--- a/drivers/regulator/tps65218-regulator.c
+++ b/drivers/regulator/tps65218-regulator.c
@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ static const struct regulator_linear_range ldo1_dcdc3_ranges[] = {

static const struct regulator_linear_range dcdc4_ranges[] = {
REGULATOR_LINEAR_RANGE(1175000, 0x0, 0xf, 25000),
- REGULATOR_LINEAR_RANGE(1550000, 0x10, 0x34, 50000),
+ REGULATOR_LINEAR_RANGE(1600000, 0x10, 0x34, 50000),

static struct tps_info tps65218_pmic_regs[] = {

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