Re: a case for a common efuse API?

From: Maxime Ripard
Date: Wed Jul 09 2014 - 04:40:22 EST

Hi Stephen,

On Tue, Jul 08, 2014 at 01:00:23PM -0700, Stephen Boyd wrote:
> Hi,
> On MSM chips we have some efuses (called qfprom) where we store things
> like calibration data, speed bins, etc. We need to read out data from
> the efuses in various drivers like the cpufreq, thermal, etc. This
> essentially boils down to a bunch of readls on the efuse from a handful
> of different drivers. In devicetree this looks a little odd because
> these drivers end up having an extra reg property (or two) that points
> to a register in the efuse and some length, i.e you see this:
> thermal-sensor@34000 {
> compatible = "sensor";
> reg = <0x34000 0x1000>, <0x10018 0xc>;
> reg-names = "sensor", "efuse_calib";
> }
> I imagine in DT we want something more like this:
> efuse: efuse@10000 {
> compatible = "efuse";
> reg = <0x10000 0x1000>;
> }
> thermal-sensor@34000 {
> compatible = "sensor";
> reg = <0x34000 0x1000>;
> efuse = <&efuse 0x18>;
> }

We have pretty much the same things in the Allwinner SoCs. We have an
efuse directly mapped into memory, with a few informations like a MAC
address, the SoC ID, the serial number, some RSA keys for the device,

The thing is, some boards expose these informations in an external
EEPROM as well.

I started working and went quite far to create an "eeprom" framework
to handle these cases, with a dt representation similar to what you
were exposing.

It was working quite well, I was about to send it, but was told that I
should all be moved to MTD, and given up on it.

Anyway, +1 for this :)


Maxime Ripard, Free Electrons
Embedded Linux, Kernel and Android engineering

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