[GIT PULL] f2fs fixes for 3.16

From: Jaegeuk Kim
Date: Wed Jul 09 2014 - 10:08:18 EST

Hi Linus,

This is a pull request on f2fs bug fixes for v3.16, which includes a couple of
bug fixes found by xfstests.
In addition, one critical bug was reported by Brian Chadwick, which is falling
into the infinite loop in balance_dirty_pages. And it turned out due to the IO
merging policy in f2fs, which was newly merged in 3.16.

Thank you very much.

The following changes since commit a497c3ba1d97fc69c1e78e7b96435ba8c2cb42ee:

Linux 3.16-rc2 (2014-06-21 19:02:54 -1000)

are available in the git repository at:

git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jaegeuk/f2fs.git tags/f2fs-fixes-3.16

for you to fetch changes up to 50e1f8d22199b557337b3d1ec8520e4c5aa5c76e:

f2fs: avoid to access NULL pointer in issue_flush_thread (2014-07-09 05:59:55 -0700)

f2fs bugfixes for 3.16

o fix to get out of the infinite loop in balance_dirty_pages
o fix normal and recovery path for fallocated regions
o fix error case mishandling
o recover renamed fsync inodes correctly
o fix kernel NULL pointer error

Chao Yu (5):
f2fs: remove unused variables in f2fs_sm_info
f2fs: check lower bound nid value in check_nid_range
f2fs: fix error path in init_inode_metadata
f2fs: release new entry page correctly in error path of f2fs_rename
f2fs: avoid to access NULL pointer in issue_flush_thread

Jaegeuk Kim (5):
f2fs: fix to report newly allocate region as extent
f2fs: recover fallocated data and its i_size together
f2fs: fix not to allocate unnecessary blocks during fallocate
f2fs: do checkpoint for the renamed inode
f2fs: check bdi->dirty_exceeded when trying to skip data writes

fs/f2fs/data.c | 23 ++++++++++++++++++-----
fs/f2fs/dir.c | 2 +-
fs/f2fs/f2fs.h | 6 ++----
fs/f2fs/file.c | 12 ++++++++----
fs/f2fs/inode.c | 1 +
fs/f2fs/namei.c | 13 ++++++-------
fs/f2fs/node.c | 2 ++
fs/f2fs/segment.c | 5 ++---
fs/f2fs/super.c | 4 +---
9 files changed, 41 insertions(+), 27 deletions(-)

Jaegeuk Kim
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