Re: [RFC/PATCH RESEND -next 00/21] Address sanitizer for kernel (kasan) - dynamic memory error detector.

From: Dave Hansen
Date: Wed Jul 09 2014 - 19:33:18 EST

On 07/09/2014 02:59 PM, Vegard Nossum wrote:
>> > But I could see KASAN eventually deprecating kmemcheck, which
>> > is just incredible slow.
> FWIW, I definitely agree with this -- if KASAN can do everything that
> kmemcheck can, it is no doubt the right way forward.

That's very cool. For what it's worth, the per-arch work does appear to
be pretty minimal and the things like the string function replacements
_should_ be able to be made generic. Aren't the x86_32/x86_64 and arm
hooks pretty much copied-and-pasted?

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