Blackfin Build fixs

From: Nick Krause
Date: Fri Jul 11 2014 - 12:18:54 EST

Hey Steven,
I having been testing what builds are still failing from Steven
Rothwell's tests and there seem to be two failing
still for blackfin. I am tracing the issues to make it easier for you
as a maintainer. BF561-ACVILON_defconfig
is failing in acvlion.c due to BFIN_NAND_PLAT_READY not being defined
when calling gpio request in
bfin_plat_nand_init. I would recommend defining it to the correct
value to initialize nand on this board.
There also seems to be some undefined syscalls for this board I would
can either remove them or you can
tell me how to clean them up.

I also am hitting a build failure still for blackstamp defconfig. The
issue seems to be that when calling functions
that need GPIO_PF0 that it's undefined as it fails whenc calling
gpio_request that needs it be defined on line 318
of file , arch/blackfin/mach-bf533/boards/blackstamp.c on line 480 and
again on line 481 when calling gpio_free.
Like the other build there seems to be undefined syscalls and they
need to be either removed or cleaned up. I
would like recommendations or how you want to clean up these system calls.

I am also attaching the log files for these failing builds.

Cheers Nick

Attachment: BF561-ACVILON_defconfig
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Attachment: BF561-ACVILON_defconfig
Description: Binary data