pull request: wireless-next 2014-07-11

From: John W. Linville
Date: Fri Jul 11 2014 - 16:15:40 EST


Please pull this batch of updates intended for the 3.17 stream...

This is primarily a Bluetooth pull. Gustavo says:

"A lot of patches to 3.17. The bulk of changes here are for LE support.
The 6loWPAN over Bluetooth now has it own module, we also have support for
background auto-connection and passive scanning, Bluetooth device address
provisioning, support for reading Bluetooth clock values and LE connection
parameters plus many many fixes."

The balance is just a pull of the wireless.git tree, to avoid some
pending merge problems.

Please let me know if there are problems!




The following changes since commit 5e6438db34d522ee1c78b5d4c1c35a4a3bbd5054:

Merge branch 'mvebu' (2014-07-10 17:19:38 -0700)

are available in the git repository at:

git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/linville/wireless-next.git for-davem

for you to fetch changes up to 95d01a669bd35d0e8eb28dd8a946876c00a9a61a:

Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/linville/wireless-next into for-davem (2014-07-11 15:52:57 -0400)


Adam Lee (1):
Bluetooth: ath3k: reduce pipe setting times in ath3k_load_fwfile()

Amitkumar Karwar (2):
mwifiex: fix Tx timeout issue
mwifiex: initialize Tx/Rx info of a packet correctly

Anantha Krishnan (1):
Bluetooth: Add support for Acer [13D3:3432]

Andre Guedes (6):
Bluetooth: Use macro instead of hard-coded value
Bluetooth: Connection parameters check helper
Bluetooth: Connection Parameter Update Procedure
Bluetooth: Move LE event mask setting into init3 phase
Bluetooth: Enable new LE meta event
Bluetooth: Introduce "New Connection Parameter" Event

Andrea Merello (1):
rt2800usb: Don't perform DMA from stack

Arend van Spriel (1):
brcmfmac: assign chip id and rev in bus interface after brcmf_usb_dlneeded

Bartosz Markowski (1):
ath10k: fix 8th virtual AP interface with DFS

Bing Zhao (1):
Bluetooth: btmrvl: indicate pscan scheduling instant in a debug event

Chin-Ran Lo (1):
Bluetooth: btmrvl: wait for HOST_SLEEP_ENABLE event in suspend

Eliad Peller (1):
cfg80211: fix elapsed_jiffies calculation

Fabian Frederick (1):
Bluetooth: constify seq_operations

Johan Hedberg (104):
Bluetooth: Fix overriding higher security level in SMP
Bluetooth: Refactor authentication method lookup into its own function
Bluetooth: Fix rejecting pairing in case of insufficient capabilities
Bluetooth: Fix missing NULL check for smp_chan_create() return value
Bluetooth: Remove unnecessary SMP STK define
Bluetooth: Remove HCI prefix from SMP LTK defines
Bluetooth: Remove unused LTK authentication defines
Bluetooth: Convert SMP flags into an enum
Bluetooth: Add flexible buffer byte order swapping function
Bluetooth: Fix validating IO capability values in mgmt commands
Bluetooth: Fix checking for master LTKs
Bluetooth: Update hci_add_link_key() to return pointer to key
Bluetooth: Move mgmt event sending out from hci_add_link_key()
Bluetooth: Don't store debug keys if flag for them is not set
Bluetooth: Convert hcon->flush_key to a proper flag
Bluetooth: Fix ignoring debug keys in mgmt_load_link_keys
Bluetooth: Add a new HCI_USE_DEBUG_KEYS flag
Bluetooth: Add support for mode 0x02 for mgmt_set_debug_keys
Bluetooth: Convert hci_conn->link_mode into flags
Bluetooth: Fix missing hdev locking in smp_cmd_ident_addr_info
Bluetooth: Add dedicated AES instance for each SMP context
Bluetooth: Update SMP crypto functions to take the SMP context
Bluetooth: Remove unnecessary hci_dev_unlock for smp_user_confirm_reply
Bluetooth: Fix missing check for SMP session in smp_user_confirm_reply
Bluetooth: Remove unnecessary hcon->smp_conn variable
Bluetooth: Use kzalloc instead of kmalloc for pending mgmt commands
Bluetooth: Add tracking of local and piconet clock values
Bluetooth: Add support for Get Clock Info mgmt command
Bluetooth: Allow L2CAP getpeername() for BT_CONFIG state
Bluetooth: Fix redundant encryption when receiving Security Request
Bluetooth: Add flag to track STK encryption
Bluetooth: Allow re-encryption with LTK when STK is in use
Bluetooth: Fix redundant device (un)blocked events
Bluetooth: Centralize looking up blocked devices to l2cap_recv_frame
Bluetooth: Drop LE connections for blocked devices
Bluetooth: Fix sparse warning with btmrvl driver
Bluetooth: Rename hci_conn_params_clear to hci_conn_params_clear_all
Bluetooth: Add specific connection parameter clear functions
Bluetooth: Add new auto_conn value matching mgmt action 0x00
Bluetooth: Remove only enabled entries with Remove Device command
Bluetooth: Add Load Connection Parameters command
Bluetooth: Fix missing update of conn params
Bluetooth: Make hci_le_conn_update return the store hint
Bluetooth: Pass store hint to mgmt_new_conn_param
Bluetooth: Make is_identity_address a global function
Bluetooth: Don't send connection parameters without identity address
Bluetooth: Track number of added devices with HCI_AUTO_CONN_REPORT
Bluetooth: Allow mgmt_device_found events for kernel-side scanning
Bluetooth: Add support for background LE scanning
Bluetooth: Support scanning for devices using RPA
Bluetooth: Fix buffer overflow with variable length commands
Bluetooth: Fix missing update of pend_le_reports
Bluetooth: Remove redundant IRK lookup
Bluetooth: Use hci_conn_params in pend_le_conns
Bluetooth: Remove unnecessary checks for auto-connected devices
Bluetooth: Add identity address check in param lookup functions
Bluetooth: Fix missing return statement in process_adv_report
Bluetooth: Convert pend_le_conn list to a generic action list
Bluetooth: Convert pend_le_reports into a list
Bluetooth: Simplify use of hci_pend_le_conns_clear()
Bluetooth: Don't bother doing anything if auto_connect doesn't change
Bluetooth: Simplify hci_conn_params->action list usage
Bluetooth: Remove unused hci_pend_le_conn_del() function
Bluetooth: Fix clearing and restarting all LE actions on power cycle
Bluetooth: Remove unnecessary usage of hci_pend_le_conn_add
Bluetooth: Remove unused hci_pend_le_conn_add function
Bluetooth: Make hci_pend_le_conn_lookup more general purposed
Bluetooth: Use hci_pend_le_action_lookup to look up report entries
Bluetooth: Don't take actions on blocked devices when scanning
Bluetooth: Use list_del when freeing the list entry
Bluetooth: Restrict blocked device check in l2cap_recv_frame to LE
Bluetooth: Fix sending Device Removed when clearing all parameters
Bluetooth: Use lower timeout for LE auto-connections
Bluetooth: Fix updating background scan for LE connect complete
Bluetooth: Fix connecting devices during LE device discovery
Bluetooth: Remove redundant IRK lookup in mgmt_device_found()
Bluetooth: Remove unnecessary return value from check_pending_le_conn
Bluetooth: Update discovery state earlier in hci_discovery_set_state
Bluetooth: Don't let background scanning interfering with discovery
Bluetooth: Enable passive scanning whenever we're connectable
Bluetooth: Remove auth_type parameter from hci_connect_le()
Bluetooth: Pass desired connection role to hci_connect_le()
Bluetooth: Don't try background scanning if LE is not enabled
Bluetooth: Add flag to track the real advertising state
Bluetooth: Remove unnecessary mgmt_advertising function
Bluetooth: Use real advertising state to random address update decision
Bluetooth: Simplify usage of the enable_advertising function
Bluetooth: Use the correct flag to decide to disable advertising
Bluetooth: Stop advertising always before initiating a connection
Bluetooth: Fix advertising and active scanning co-existence
Bluetooth: Fix check for re-enabling advertising
Bluetooth: Fix setting STOPPING state for discovery
Bluetooth: Fix connectable and discoverable supported settings values
Bluetooth: Fix toggling background scan when changing connectable state
Bluetooth: Fix clearing HCI_LE_ADV for LE connections
Bluetooth: Unify helpers for bdaddr_list manipulations
Bluetooth: Introduce a whitelist for BR/EDR devices
Bluetooth: Update page scan when necessary for Add/Remove Device
Bluetooth: Fix incorrectly setting HCI_CONNECTABLE
Bluetooth: Refactor connection request handling
Bluetooth: Enable page scan also if there are white list entries
Bluetooth: Add white list lookup for incoming connection requests
Bluetooth: Fix setting HCI_CONNECTABLE from ioctl code

Johannes Berg (2):
Revert "cfg80211: Use 5MHz bandwidth by default when checking usable channels"
nl80211: move set_qos_map command into split state

John W. Linville (8):
Merge git://git.kernel.org/.../jberg/mac80211
Merge branch 'for-john' of git://git.kernel.org/.../iwlwifi/iwlwifi-fixes
Merge branch 'for-upstream' of git://git.kernel.org/.../bluetooth/bluetooth
Merge branch 'ath-current' of git://github.com/kvalo/ath
Merge branch 'for-john' of git://git.kernel.org/.../iwlwifi/iwlwifi-fixes
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../linville/wireless
Merge branch 'for-upstream' of git://git.kernel.org/.../bluetooth/bluetooth-next
Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/.../linville/wireless-next into for-davem

Jukka Rissanen (5):
Bluetooth: Provide L2CAP ops callback for memcpy_fromiovec
Bluetooth: 6LoWPAN: Use connected oriented channel instead of fixed one
Bluetooth: 6LoWPAN: Create a kernel module
Bluetooth: 6LoWPAN: Count module usage
Bluetooth: 6LoWPAN: Remove network devices when unloading

Loic Poulain (2):
Bluetooth: Ignore H5 non-link packets in non-active state
Bluetooth: Remove redundant calls to h5_reset_rx

Lukasz Rymanowski (1):
Bluetooth: Fix for ACL disconnect when pairing fails

Marcel Holtmann (82):
Revert "Bluetooth: Add a new PID/VID 0cf3/e005 for AR3012."
Merge git://git.kernel.org/.../bluetooth/bluetooth
Bluetooth: Use const for struct l2cap_ops field
Bluetooth: Assign L2CAP socket priority when allocating SKB
Bluetooth: Shrink size of struct l2cap_ctrl fields
Bluetooth: Use explicit header and body length for L2CAP SKB allocation
Bluetooth: Use struct delayed_work for HCI command timeout
Bluetooth: Use separate dbg_flags to special debugfs options
Bluetooth: Store current LE connection parameters in hci_conn struct
Bluetooth: Track LE connection parameter update event
Bluetooth: Set default min/max connection interval for LE slaves
Bluetooth: Add support LE slave connection update procedure
Bluetooth: Remove ssp_debug_mode debugfs option
Bluetooth: Remove reason parameter from hci_amp_disconn function
Bluetooth: Remove unneeded hci_conn_disconnect abstraction
Bluetooth: Send HCI_Read_Clock_Offset before disconnecting
Bluetooth: Increment management interface revision
Bluetooth: Restrict access for raw-only controllers
Bluetooth: Don't use non-resolvable private address for passive scanning
Bluetooth: Move hci_pend_le_conn_* functions to different location
Bluetooth: Clear pending connections from hci_conn_params_clear
Bluetooth: Update background scanning from hci_conn_params_clear
Bluetooth: Store latency and supervision timeout in connection params
Bluetooth: Use LE connection parameters if known
Bluetooth: Add support for Add/Remove Device management commands
Bluetooth: Replace le_auto_conn debugfs with device_list entry
Bluetooth: Add Device Added and Device Removed management events
Bluetooth: Provide defaults for LE connection latency and timeout
Bluetooth: Expose default connection latency setting via debugfs
Bluetooth: Expose default supervision timeout setting via debugfs
Bluetooth: Provide function to create and set connection parameters
Bluetooth: Add default connection parameters before pairing
Bluetooth: Start background scanning only when controller is ready
Bluetooth: Use bool for smp_ltk_encrypt return value
Bluetooth: Change hci_conn_params_add to return the parameter struct
Bluetooth: Use hci_conn_params_add within hci_conn_params_set
Bluetooth: Remove connection interval parameters from hci_conn_params_set
Bluetooth: Fix merge of advertising data and scan response data
Bluetooth: Provide flags parameter direct to mgmt_device_found
Bluetooth: Add support for Not Connectable flag for Device Found events
Bluetooth: Do not trigger background scanning when HCI_AUTO_OFF is set
Bluetooth: Ensure that background scanning gets enabled on power on
Bluetooth: Add support for hdev->set_bdaddr callback handling
Bluetooth: Add public address configration for Broadcom USB devices
Bluetooth: Add public address configration for Intel USB devices
Bluetooth: Default to internal use manufacturer identifier
Bluetooth: Check for default address of Intel USB controllers
Bluetooth: Check for default address of Broadcom BCM20702A0 controllers
Bluetooth: Introduce unconfigured controller state
Bluetooth: Add support for Unconfigured Index Added events
Bluetooth: Add support for Unconfigured Index Removed events
Bluetooth: Add support for Read Unconfigured Index List command
Bluetooth: Support HCI_QUIRK_RAW_DEVICE for hci_vhci driver
Bluetooth: Add support for controller configuration info command
Bluetooth: Fix constant for public address configuration
Bluetooth: Document the existing device quirks
Bluetooth: Add quirk for invalid controller address setting
Bluetooth: Set HCI_QUIRK_INVALID_BADDR for Intel USB default address
Bluetooth: Set HCI_QUIRK_INVALID_BADDR for BCM20702A0 default address
Bluetooth: Allow reading configuration info when unconfigured
Bluetooth: Add quirk for external configuration requirement
Bluetooth: Fix quirks that are valid during setup driver callback
Bluetooth: Support HCI_QUIRK_EXTERNAL_CONFIG for hci_vhci driver
Bluetooth: Add support for Set External Configuration management command
Bluetooth: Move mgmt_event helper function to different location
Bluetooth: Add support for New Configuration Options management event
Bluetooth: Use a more simpler style for HCI event callbacks
Bluetooth: Run special init procedure for unconfigured controllers
Bluetooth: Store Bluetooth address from controller setup
Bluetooth: Run controller setup after external configuration
Bluetooth: Add support for changing the public device address
Bluetooth: Clear HCI_RAW flag when controller becomes configured
Bluetooth: Add support for Intel bootloader devices
Bluetooth: Skip unconfigured init procedure for raw-only devices
Bluetooth: Remove module parameters for ignoring USB devices
Bluetooth: Handle Intel USB bootloader with buggy interrupt
Bluetooth: Ignore isochronous endpoints for Intel USB bootloader
Bluetooth: Fix memory leaking when hdev->send returns an error
Bluetooth: Enforce providing hdev->send driver callback
Bluetooth: Use BTUSB_BROKEN_ISOC flag for CSR USB sniffer devices
Bluetooth: Fix enabling Authenticated Payload Timeout Expired event
Bluetooth: Don't send ERTM configuration option when disabled

Max Stepanov (1):
mac80211: WEP extra head/tail room in ieee80211_send_auth

Michal Kazior (1):
ath10k: remove unnecessary htt rx corruption check

Nick Pelly (1):
Bluetooth: Fallback to SCO on error code 0x10 (Connection Accept Timeout)

Stephan Gabert (1):
Bluetooth: Remove trailing whitespaces from Kconfig

drivers/bluetooth/Kconfig | 12 +-
drivers/bluetooth/ath3k.c | 8 +-
drivers/bluetooth/btmrvl_drv.h | 3 +
drivers/bluetooth/btmrvl_main.c | 44 +-
drivers/bluetooth/btmrvl_sdio.c | 5 +
drivers/bluetooth/btmrvl_sdio.h | 2 +
drivers/bluetooth/btusb.c | 188 +++-
drivers/bluetooth/hci_h5.c | 5 +-
drivers/bluetooth/hci_vhci.c | 34 +-
drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath10k/core.c | 6 +-
drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath10k/htt_rx.c | 18 -
drivers/net/wireless/brcm80211/brcmfmac/usb.c | 5 +-
drivers/net/wireless/mwifiex/11n_aggr.c | 1 +
drivers/net/wireless/mwifiex/cfg80211.c | 1 +
drivers/net/wireless/mwifiex/cmdevt.c | 1 +
drivers/net/wireless/mwifiex/main.c | 1 +
drivers/net/wireless/mwifiex/sta_tx.c | 1 +
drivers/net/wireless/mwifiex/tdls.c | 2 +
drivers/net/wireless/mwifiex/txrx.c | 1 +
drivers/net/wireless/mwifiex/uap_txrx.c | 1 +
drivers/net/wireless/rt2x00/rt2800usb.c | 28 +-
include/net/bluetooth/bluetooth.h | 18 +-
include/net/bluetooth/hci.h | 135 ++-
include/net/bluetooth/hci_core.h | 134 ++-
include/net/bluetooth/l2cap.h | 36 +-
include/net/bluetooth/mgmt.h | 99 ++
net/bluetooth/6lowpan.c | 857 +++++++++++++----
net/bluetooth/6lowpan.h | 47 -
net/bluetooth/Kconfig | 6 +-
net/bluetooth/Makefile | 4 +-
net/bluetooth/a2mp.c | 8 +-
net/bluetooth/af_bluetooth.c | 2 +-
net/bluetooth/hci_conn.c | 176 +++-
net/bluetooth/hci_core.c | 909 +++++++++---------
net/bluetooth/hci_event.c | 698 ++++++++++----
net/bluetooth/hci_sock.c | 12 +-
net/bluetooth/l2cap_core.c | 144 +--
net/bluetooth/l2cap_sock.c | 46 +-
net/bluetooth/mgmt.c | 1254 +++++++++++++++++++++----
net/bluetooth/smp.c | 237 +++--
net/bluetooth/smp.h | 7 +
net/mac80211/util.c | 5 +-
net/wireless/core.h | 2 +-
net/wireless/nl80211.c | 11 +-
net/wireless/reg.c | 22 +-
45 files changed, 3758 insertions(+), 1478 deletions(-)
delete mode 100644 net/bluetooth/6lowpan.h
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