Additional performance data on Pavel's smb3 multi credit patch series

From: Steve French
Date: Sun Jul 13 2014 - 15:23:49 EST

Performance of Pavel's multicredit i/o SMB3 patches continues to look
good. Additional informal performance results below comparing cifs
mounts with smb3 mounts (vers=3.0) with and without Pavel's patch set.
I plan to do additional testing with large rsize/wsize (default with
Pavel's code is 1MB).

3.16-rc4 (Ubuntu) on client. Server is Windows 8.1. Both VMs on same
host (host disk is fairly fast SSD).

Copy to server performance increased about 20% percent
dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/targetfile bs=80M count=25
got similar results with or without conv=fdatasync

1st run copying to empty directory, 2nd run copying over targetfile,
(pattern repeated multiple times) averaging results

New code (with Pavel's patches)
CIFS 167MB/s
SMB3 200MB/s

Existing code (without his patches)
SMB3 166MB/s
CIFS 164.5MB/s

For large file reading SMB3 performance with Pavel's patches increased
76% over existing SMB3 code
dd of=/dev/null if=/mnt/targetfile bs=80M count=25
(mounting and unmounting between attempts to avoid caching effects on
the client)

New code (with Pavel's patches)
CIFS 114MB/s
SMB3 216MB/s

Existing code (without his patches)
SMB3 123MB/s
CIFS 110MB/s


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