Fix Me in file gpmc-onenand.c

From: Nick Krause
Date: Sun Jul 13 2014 - 17:07:34 EST

Hey Kevin,
I am using cscope to find fix mes in the latest git kernels that still
need cleanup. Furthermore I seem to hitting one in a that file that
you maintain.
Due to this I am wondering should I remove this code or does it still
need to be in the mainline kernel and what mach-omap2 cpus does it
check for.
to support with this if statement. I am pasting the FiXME and the
code that code around it.
Cheers Nick
else {
* FIXME: Appears to be legacy code from initial ONENAND commit.
* Unclear what boards this is for and if this can be removed.
if (!cpu_is_omap34xx())
onenand_sync.wait_on_read = true;
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