Re: [PATCH 4/4] xhci: Allow xHCI drivers to be built as separate modules

From: Julius Werner
Date: Mon Jul 14 2014 - 14:37:04 EST

> Nope - since CONFIG_USB_XHCI_MVEBU can be 'y' or 'm' we need the ifneq
> here (which matches against both) to ensure xhci-mvebu.o is built is
> part of xhci-plat-hcd.o.

Oh... does it make sense to have it tristate at all, then? Looks like
was never really buildable as an independent module (and still won't
be after this patch), so I bet that was just a mistake when the
Kconfig for it was first written that should be fixed. (Ideally,
xhci-plat.c should probably go away in favor of dwc3/host.c and
xhci-mvebu.c implementing the wrapper to xhci_init_driver() directly,
but that is a longer-term goal.)
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