Re: gpio-omap: wakeup mask

From: Pascal Huerst
Date: Tue Jul 15 2014 - 09:27:55 EST

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On 09.07.2014 17:24, Tony Lindgren wrote:
> * Pascal Huerst <pascal.huerst@xxxxxxxxx> [140709 05:47]:
>> On 09.07.2014 12:41, Tony Lindgren wrote:
>>> If you just comment out the _gpio_rmw part above do things work
>>> as expected?
>> Yes. It only wakes up on gpio 6 not on gpio 11 anymore.
>>> Then if that works as expected, maybe write only some unused
>>> bits into wkup_en register and see if it still wakes to all
>>> events while it should not?
>> If I use the following testcode, everything works as expected:
>> //WARN(true, "WARN: bank->base = %08X\n", bank->base);
>> if (likely(!(bank->non_wakeup_gpios & gpio_bit))) {
>> //_gpio_rmw(base, bank->regs->wkup_en, gpio_bit, trigger != 0);
>> writel(0xABC00000, base + bank->regs->wkup_en);
>> bank->context.wake_en = readl_relaxed(bank->base +
>> bank->regs->wkup_en); printk("bank->base = %08X gpio = %i
>> bank->context->wake_en = %08X\n", bank->base, gpio,
>> bank->context.wake_en); }
> Hmm weird. It sounds like something like the following is
> happening:
> 1. The first GPIO bank is always powered, and does not need to set
> wake-up events

I dont think so. If I apply my hack (commenting the _gpio_rmw() call)
and don't have a wakeup source in the dt, I have to reboot the system,
sonce im not able to wake it up anymore. Or did I miss something?

> 2. When setting the GPIO wake-up events it seems that enabling any
> wake-up event for the first (16?) bits wakes up the system
> You might want to check this with some spare GPIOs not in the first
> bank and see if you need the wake-up events and if enabling some
> bits enables more than one GPIO for wake-up events.

Im not sure if this makes sense, since only the first gpio bank can
act as a wakeup source. So it should not be possible.

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