[PATCH 3.4 05/22] hwmon: (amc6821) Fix permissions for temp2_input

From: Greg Kroah-Hartman
Date: Tue Jul 15 2014 - 20:15:55 EST

3.4-stable review patch. If anyone has any objections, please let me know.


From: Axel Lin <axel.lin@xxxxxxxxxx>

commit df86754b746e9a0ff6f863f690b1c01d408e3cdc upstream.

temp2_input should not be writable, fix it.

Reported-by: Guenter Roeck <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Signed-off-by: Axel Lin <axel.lin@xxxxxxxxxx>
Signed-off-by: Guenter Roeck <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Signed-off-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman <gregkh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

drivers/hwmon/amc6821.c | 2 +-
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

--- a/drivers/hwmon/amc6821.c
+++ b/drivers/hwmon/amc6821.c
@@ -715,7 +715,7 @@ static SENSOR_DEVICE_ATTR(temp1_max_alar
get_temp_alarm, NULL, IDX_TEMP1_MAX);
static SENSOR_DEVICE_ATTR(temp1_crit_alarm, S_IRUGO,
get_temp_alarm, NULL, IDX_TEMP1_CRIT);
-static SENSOR_DEVICE_ATTR(temp2_input, S_IRUGO | S_IWUSR,
+static SENSOR_DEVICE_ATTR(temp2_input, S_IRUGO,
get_temp, NULL, IDX_TEMP2_INPUT);
static SENSOR_DEVICE_ATTR(temp2_min, S_IRUGO | S_IWUSR, get_temp,
set_temp, IDX_TEMP2_MIN);

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