Re: [BUG] rc1 rc2 rc3 not bootable - black screen after kernel loading

From: Woody Suwalski
Date: Thu Jul 24 2014 - 18:25:33 EST

Martin Kepplinger wrote:
Am 2014-06-30 12:39, schrieb Martin Kepplinger:
back to aaeb2554337217dfa4eac2fcc90da7be540b9a73 as the first bad
commit. why is this not revertable exactly? how can I show a complete
list of commits this merge introduces?

It seems that _nobody_ is running a simple 32 bit i915 (acer) laptop.
rc6 is still unusable. Black screen directly after kernel-loading. no
change since rc1.

Seems like I won't be able to use 3.16. I'm happy to test patches and am
happy for any advice what to do, when time permits.


Martin, I am running happily a 32-bit kernel 3.16-rc*all on i915 (Asus EeePC)
However: from your postings I still have no idea what Intel video chipset is in your Acer.
Try to add "nomodeset=y" to your kernel's cmdline to verify that it can boot. You have many kobject messages which are hiding what is happening... And please submit at least full dmesg output and "lspci -nn" ;-)

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