Re: Bug on Kernel 3.16 r6: Sound and Buffering in Clementine with Files are Transferring to Music Directory

From: Nick Krause
Date: Sun Jul 27 2014 - 16:18:26 EST

On Sun, Jul 27, 2014 at 4:37 AM, Heinz Diehl <htd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 27.07.2014, Nick Krause wrote:
>> When I transfer a lot of music for a brtfs external hard drive I have the music
>> in clementine I am listening to is stopped for a few seconds and then continues.
> Most probably, this is not a bug, but caused by high disk I/O. It's
> not clear to me if the music you are listening to is located on the
> same disk which you transfer to/from. This would make things even
> worse.
> However, there are a few thing you can do to try to minimize the observed
> stalls:
> 1. Compile your kernel with CONFIG_PREEMPT enabled
> 2. Reduce the amount of memory content sync'ed to disk
> 3. If your disk is a SSD: change the elevator to "noop"
> 4. Enable writeback on your disk
> 5. Increase the disks readahead sectors
> 6. Increase the audio buffers in your player
> 2. Sysctl: vm.dirty_ratio = 10
> vm.dirty_background_ratio = 5
> 3. echo "noop" > /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler
> 4. /sbin/hdparm -W1 /dev/sda
> 5. /sbin/blockdev --setra 8192 /dev/sda
> Regards,
> Heinz.
The audio buffer is not going to work as this was never a issue with
default Ubuntu kernels.
However I will try your other ideas and report back :). I am
transferring into the same directory
for the music I am listening to. In addition , my cpu usage when doing
this is half of my older
Ubuntu distro kernel, 6 vs 3 percent for upstream.
Cheers Nick
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