[ANNOUNCE] Git v2.1.0-rc0

From: Junio C Hamano
Date: Sun Jul 27 2014 - 19:18:59 EST

An early preview release Git v2.1.0-rc0 is now available for testing
at the usual places.

The tarballs are found at:


The following public repositories all have a copy of the 'v2.1.0-rc0'
tag and the 'master' branch that the tag points at:

url = https://kernel.googlesource.com/pub/scm/git/git
url = git://repo.or.cz/alt-git.git
url = https://code.google.com/p/git-core/
url = git://git.sourceforge.jp/gitroot/git-core/git.git
url = git://git-core.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/git-core/git-core
url = https://github.com/gitster/git

Git v2.1 Release Notes (draft)

Backward compatibility notes

* The default value we give to the environment variable LESS has been
changed from "FRSX" to "FRX", losing "S" (chop long lines instead
of wrapping). Existing users who prefer not to see line-wrapped
output may want to set

$ git config core.pager "less -S"

to restore the traditional behaviour. It is expected that people
find output from the most subcommands easier to read with the new
default, except for "blame" which tends to produce really long
lines. To override the new default only for "git blame", you can
do this:

$ git config pager.blame "less -S"

* A few disused directories in contrib/ have been retired.

Updates since v2.0

UI, Workflows & Features

* Since the very beginning of Git, we gave the LESS environment a
default value "FRSX" when we spawn "less" as the pager. "S" (chop
long lines instead of wrapping) has been removed from this default
set of options, because it is more or less a personal taste thing,
as opposed to others that have good justifications (i.e. "R" is
very much justified because many kinds of output we produce are
colored and "FX" is justified because output we produce is often
shorter than a page).

* The logic and data used to compute the display width needed for
UTF-8 strings have been updated to match Unicode 7.0 better.

* HTTP-based transports learned to propagate the error messages from
the webserver better to the client coming over the HTTP transport.

* The completion script for bash (in contrib/) has been updated to
handle aliases that define complex sequence of commands better.

* The "core.preloadindex" configuration variable is by default
enabled, allowing modern platforms to take advantage of the
multiple cores they have.

* "git clone" applies the "if cloning from a local disk, physically
copy repository using hardlinks, unless otherwise told not to with
--no-local" optimization when url.*.insteadOf mechanism rewrites a
"git clone $URL" that refers to a repository over the network to a
clone from a local disk.

* "git commit --date=<date>" option learned to read from more
timestamp formats, including "--date=now".

* The `core.commentChar` configuration variable is used to specify a
custom comment character other than the default "#" to be used in
the commit log editor. This can be set to `auto` to attempt to
choose a different character that does not conflict with what
already starts a line in the message being edited for cases like
"git commit --amend".

* "git format-patch" learned --signature-file=<file> to take the mail
signature from.

* "git grep" learned grep.fullname configuration variable to force
"--full-name" to be default. This may cause regressions on
scripted users that do not expect this new behaviour.

* "git imap-send" learned to ask the credential helper for auth

* "git log" and friends now understand the value "auto" set to the
"log.decorate" configuration variable to enable the "--decorate"
option automatically when the output is sent to tty.

* "git merge" without argument, even when there is an upstream
defined for the current branch, refused to run until
merge.defaultToUpstream is set to true. Flip the default of that
configuration variable to true.

* "git mergetool" learned to drive the vimdiff3 backend.

* mergetool.prompt used to default to 'true', always asking "do you
really want to run the tool on this path?". Among the two
purposes this prompt serves, ignore the use case to confirm that
the user wants to view particular path with the named tool, and
redefine the meaning of the prompt only to confirm the choice of
the tool made by the autodetection (for those who configured the
tool explicitly, the prompt shown for the latter purpose is
simply annoying).

Strictly speaking, this is a backward incompatible change and the
users need to explicitly set the variable to 'true' if they want
to resurrect the now-ignored use case.

* "git replace" learned the "--edit" subcommand to create a
replacement by editing an existing object.

* "git replace" learned a "--graft" option to rewrite parents of a

* "git send-email" learned "--to-cover" and "--cc-cover" options, to
tell it to copy To: and Cc: headers found in the first input file
when emitting later input files.

* "git svn" learned to cope with malformed timestamps with only one
digit in the hour part, e.g. 2014-01-07T5:01:02.048176Z, emitted
by some broken subversion server implementations.

* "git tag" when editing the tag message shows the name of the tag
being edited as a comment in the editor.

* "git tag" learned to pay attention to "tag.sort" configuration, to
be used as the default sort order when no --sort=<value> the option
is given.

* "git verify-commit" command to check GPG signature in signed
commits, in a way similar to "git verify-tag" is used to check
signed tags, was added.

Performance, Internal Implementation, etc.

* Build procedure for 'subtree' (in contrib/) has been cleaned up.

* The support for the profile-feedback build, which has been left
bit-rotten for quite a while, has been updated.

* An experimental format to use two files (the base file and
incremental changes relative to it) to represent the index has been
introduced; this may reduce I/O cost of rewriting a large index
when only small part of the working tree changes.

* Effort to shrink the size of patches Windows folks maintain on top
by upstreaming them continues.

* Patches maintained by msysgit folks for Windows port are being
upstreamed here a bit by bit.

* The leaf function to check validity of a refname format has been
micro-optimized, using SSE2 instructions when available. A few
breakages during its development have been caught and fixed already
but there might remain some more still; please test and report if
you find any.

* The `core.deltabasecachelimit` used to default to 16 MiB , but this
proved to be too small, and has been bumped to 96 MiB.

* "git blame" has been optimized greatly by reorganising the data
structure that is used to keep track of the work to be done.

* "git diff" that compares 3-or-more trees (e.g. parents and the
result of a merge) have been optimized.

* The API to update/delete references are being converted to handle
updates to multiple references in a transactional way. As an
example, "update-ref --stdin [-z]" has been updated to use this

* skip_prefix() and strip_suffix() API functions are used a lot more
widely throughout the codebase now.

* Parts of the test scripts can be skipped by using a range notation,
e.g. "sh t1234-test.sh --run='1-4 6 8-'" to omit test piece 5 and 7
and run everything else.

Also contains various documentation updates and code clean-ups.

Fixes since v2.0

Unless otherwise noted, all the fixes since v2.0 in the maintenance
track are contained in this release (see the maintenance releases'
notes for details).

* We used to unconditionally disable the pager in the pager process
we spawn to feed out output, but that prevented people who want to
run "less" within "less" from doing so.
(merge c0459ca je/pager-do-not-recurse later to maint).

* Tools that read diagnostic output in our standard error stream do
not want to see terminal control sequence (e.g. erase-to-eol).
Detect them by checking if the standard error stream is connected
to a tty.
(merge 38de156 mn/sideband-no-ansi later to maint).

* Mishandling of patterns in .gitignore that has trailing SPs quoted
with backslashes (e.g. ones that end with "\ ") have been
(merge 97c1364be6b pb/trim-trailing-spaces later to maint).

* Reworded the error message given upon a failure to open an existing
loose object file due to e.g. permission issues; it was reported as
the object being corrupt, but that is not quite true.
(merge d6c8a05 jk/report-fail-to-read-objects-better later to maint).

* "git log -2master" is a common typo that shows two commits starting
from whichever random branch that is not 'master' that happens to
be checked out currently.
(merge e3fa568 jc/revision-dash-count-parsing later to maint).

* Code to avoid adding the same alternate object store twice was
subtly broken for a long time, but nobody seems to have noticed.
(merge 80b4785 rs/fix-alt-odb-path-comparison later to maint).
(merge 539e750 ek/alt-odb-entry-fix later to maint).

* The "%<(10,trunc)%s" pretty format specifier in the log family of
commands is used to truncate the string to a given length (e.g. 10
in the example) with padding to column-align the output, but did
not take into account that number of bytes and number of display
columns are different.
(merge 7d50987 as/pretty-truncate later to maint).

* "%G" (nothing after G) is an invalid pretty format specifier, but
the parser did not notice it as garbage.
(merge 958b2eb jk/pretty-G-format-fixes later to maint).

* A handful of code paths had to read the commit object more than
once when showing header fields that are usually not parsed. The
internal data structure to keep track of the contents of the commit
object has been updated to reduce the need for this double-reading,
and to allow the caller find the length of the object.
(merge 218aa3a jk/commit-buffer-length later to maint).

* The "mailmap.file" configuration option did not support the tilde
expansion (i.e. ~user/path and ~/path).
(merge 9352fd5 ow/config-mailmap-pathname later to maint).

* The completion scripts (in contrib/) did not know about quite a few
options that are common between "git merge" and "git pull", and a
couple of options unique to "git merge".
(merge 8fee872 jk/complete-merge-pull later to maint).

* The unix-domain socket used by the sample credential cache daemon
tried to unlink an existing stale one at a wrong path, if the path
to the socket was given as an overlong path that does not fit in
sun_path member of the sockaddr_un structure.
(merge 2869b3e rs/fix-unlink-unix-socket later to maint).

* An ancient rewrite passed a wrong pointer to a curl library
function in a rarely used code path.
(merge 479eaa8 ah/fix-http-push later to maint).

* "--ignore-space-change" option of "git apply" ignored the spaces
at the beginning of line too aggressively, which is inconsistent
with the option of the same name "diff" and "git diff" have.
(merge 14d3bb4 jc/apply-ignore-whitespace later to maint).

* "git blame" miscounted number of columns needed to show localized
timestamps, resulting in jaggy left-side-edge of the source code
lines in its output.
(merge dd75553 jx/blame-align-relative-time later to maint).

* "git blame" assigned the blame to the copy in the working-tree if
the repository is set to core.autocrlf=input and the file used CRLF
line endings.
(merge 4d4813a bc/blame-crlf-test later to maint).

* "git clone -b brefs/tags/bar" would have mistakenly thought we were
following a single tag, even though it was a name of the branch,
because it incorrectly used strstr().
(merge 60a5f5f jc/fix-clone-single-starting-at-a-tag later to maint).

* "git commit --allow-empty-messag -C $commit" did not work when the
commit did not have any log message.
(merge 076cbd6 jk/commit-C-pick-empty later to maint).

* "git diff --find-copies-harder" sometimes pretended as if the mode
bits have changed for paths that are marked with assume-unchanged
(merge 5304810 jk/diff-files-assume-unchanged later to maint).

* "filter-branch" left an empty single-parent commit that results when
all parents of a merge commit gets mapped to the same commit, even
under "--prune-empty".
(merge 79bc4ef cb/filter-branch-prune-empty-degenerate-merges later to maint).

* "git format-patch" did not enforce the rule that the "--follow"
option from the log/diff family of commands must be used with
exactly one pathspec.
(merge dd63f16 jk/diff-follow-must-take-one-pathspec later to maint).

* "git gc --auto" was recently changed to run in the background to
give control back early to the end-user sitting in front of the
terminal, but it forgot that housekeeping involving reflogs should
be done without other processes competing for accesses to the refs.
(merge 62aad18 nd/daemonize-gc later to maint).

* "git grep -O" to show the lines that hit in the pager did not work
well with case insensitive search. We now spawn "less" with its
"-I" option when it is used as the pager (which is the default).
(merge f7febbe sk/spawn-less-case-insensitively-from-grep-O-i later to maint).

* We used to disable threaded "git index-pack" on platforms without
thread-safe pread(); use a different workaround for such
platforms to allow threaded "git index-pack".
(merge 3953949 nd/index-pack-one-fd-per-thread later to maint).

* The error reporting from "git index-pack" has been improved to
distinguish missing objects from type errors.
(merge 77583e7 jk/index-pack-report-missing later to maint).

* "log --show-signature" incorrectly decided the color to paint a
mergetag that was and was not correctly validated.
(merge 42c55ce mg/fix-log-mergetag-color later to maint).

* "log --show-signature" did not pay attention to "--graph" option.
(merge cf3983d zk/log-graph-showsig later to maint).

* "git mailinfo" used to read beyond the end of header string while
parsing an incoming e-mail message to extract the patch.
(merge b1a013d rs/mailinfo-header-cmp later to maint).

* On a case insensitive filesystem, merge-recursive incorrectly
deleted the file that is to be renamed to a name that is the same
except for case differences.
(merge baa37bf dt/merge-recursive-case-insensitive later to maint).

* Merging changes into a file that ends in an incomplete line made the
last line into a complete one, even when the other branch did not
change anything around the end of file.
(merge ba31180 mk/merge-incomplete-files later to maint).

* "git pack-objects" unnecessarily copied the previous contents when
extending the hashtable, even though it will populate the table
from scratch anyway.
(merge fb79947 rs/pack-objects-no-unnecessary-realloc later to maint).

* Recent updates to "git repack" started to duplicate objects that
are in packfiles marked with .keep flag into the new packfile by
(merge d078d85 jk/repack-pack-keep-objects later to maint).

* "git rerere forget" did not work well when merge.conflictstyle
was set to a non-default value.
(merge de3d8bb fc/rerere-conflict-style later to maint).

* "git remote rm" and "git remote prune" can involve removing many
refs at once, which is not a very efficient thing to do when very
many refs exist in the packed-refs file.
(merge e6bea66 jl/remote-rm-prune later to maint).

* "git log --exclude=<glob> --all | git shortlog" worked as expected,
but "git shortlog --exclude=<glob> --all", which is supposed to be
identical to the above pipeline, was not accepted at the command
line argument parser level.
(merge eb07774 jc/shortlog-ref-exclude later to maint).

* The autostash mode of "git rebase -i" did not restore the dirty
working tree state if the user aborted the interactive rebase by
emptying the insn sheet.
(merge ddb5432 rr/rebase-autostash-fix later to maint).

* "git rebase --fork-point" did not filter out patch-identical
commits correctly.

* During "git rebase --merge", a conflicted patch could not be
skipped with "--skip" if the next one also conflicted.
(merge 95104c7 bc/fix-rebase-merge-skip later to maint).

* "git show -s" (i.e. show log message only) used to incorrectly emit
an extra blank line after a merge commit.
(merge ad2f725 mk/show-s-no-extra-blank-line-for-merges later to maint).

* "git status", even though it is a read-only operation, tries to
update the index with refreshed lstat(2) info to optimize future
accesses to the working tree opportunistically, but this could
race with a "read-write" operation that modify the index while it
is running. Detect such a race and avoid overwriting the index.
(merge 426ddee ym/fix-opportunistic-index-update-race later to maint).

* "git status" (and "git commit") behaved as if changes in a modified
submodule are not there if submodule.*.ignore configuration is set,
which was misleading. The configuration is only to unclutter diff
output during the course of development, and should not to hide
changes in the "status" output to cause the users forget to commit
(merge c215d3d jl/status-added-submodule-is-never-ignored later to maint).

* Documentation for "git submodule sync" forgot to say that the subcommand
can take the "--recursive" option.
(merge 9393ae7 mc/doc-submodule-sync-recurse later to maint).

* "git update-index --cacheinfo" in 2.0 release crashed on a
malformed command line.
(merge c8e1ee4 jc/rev-parse-argh-dashed-multi-words later to maint).

* The mode to run tests with HTTP server tests disabled was broken.
(merge afa53fe na/no-http-test-in-the-middle later to maint).


Changes since v2.0.0, 643 non-merge changes from 80 contributors,
are as follows:

Abbaad Haider (1):
http-push.c: make CURLOPT_IOCTLDATA a usable pointer

Alexey Shumkin (5):
t4205 (log-pretty-formats): don't hardcode SHA-1 in expected outputs
t4041, t4205, t6006, t7102: don't hardcode tested encoding value
t4205 (log-pretty-format): use `tformat` rather than `format`
t4205, t6006: add tests that fail with i18n.logOutputEncoding set
pretty.c: format string with truncate respects logOutputEncoding

Anders Kaseorg (1):
gitk: Allow displaying time zones from author and commit dates timestamps

Andi Kleen (4):
Use BASIC_FLAGS for profile feedback
Don't define away __attribute__ on gcc
Run the perf test suite for profile feedback too
Fix profile feedback with -jN and add profile-fast

Andreas Schwab (1):
grep: add grep.fullName config variable

Ben Walton (1):
compat/bswap.h: fix endianness detection

Brian Gesiak (14):
strbuf: use _rtrim and _ltrim in strbuf_trim
api-strbuf.txt: add docs for _trim and _ltrim
builtin/ls-remote.c: rearrange xcalloc arguments
builtin/remote.c: rearrange xcalloc arguments
commit.c: rearrange xcalloc arguments
config.c: rearrange xcalloc arguments
diff.c: rearrange xcalloc arguments
http-push.c: rearrange xcalloc arguments
imap-send.c: rearrange xcalloc arguments
notes.c: rearrange xcalloc arguments
pack-revindex.c: rearrange xcalloc arguments
reflog-walk.c: rearrange xcalloc arguments
remote.c: rearrange xcalloc arguments
transport-helper.c: rearrange xcalloc arguments

Cezary Zawadka (1):
Windows: allow using UNC path for git repository

Charles Bailey (3):
compat/bswap.h: detect endianness on more platforms that don't use BYTE_ORDER
filter-branch: eliminate duplicate mapped parents
Fix contrib/subtree Makefile to patch #! line

Christian Couder (16):
replace: make sure --edit results in a different object
replace: refactor checking ref validity
replace: die early if replace ref already exists
replace: add tests for --edit
replace: add --edit to usage string
Documentation: replace: describe new --edit option
commit: add for_each_mergetag()
replace: cleanup redirection style in tests
replace: add --graft option
replace: add test for --graft
Documentation: replace: add --graft option
contrib: add convert-grafts-to-replace-refs.sh
replace: remove signature when using --graft
replace: add test for --graft with signed commit
replace: check mergetags when using --graft
replace: add test for --graft with a mergetag

Dan Albert (1):
imap-send: use git-credential

David Aguilar (3):
gitk: Honor TMPDIR when viewing external diffs
gitk: Use mktemp -d to avoid predictable temporary directories
gitk: Catch mkdtemp errors

David Kastrup (2):
blame: large-scale performance rewrite
Bump core.deltaBaseCacheLimit to 96m

David Turner (7):
docs: document RUN_SETUP_GENTLY and clarify RUN_SETUP
merge-recursive.c: fix case-changing merge bug
mv: allow renaming to fix case on case insensitive filesystems
refs.c: optimize check_refname_component()
refs.c: SSE2 optimizations for check_refname_component
refs.c: handle REFNAME_REFSPEC_PATTERN at end of page
refs: fix valgrind suppression file

Elia Pinto (62):
t9365-continuing-queries.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
test-gitmw-lib.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t7900-subtree.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
appp.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
git-pull.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
git-rebase--merge.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
git-rebase.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
git-stash.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
git-web--browse.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
lib-credential.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
lib-cvs.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
lib-gpg.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
p5302-pack-index.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t0001-init.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t0010-racy-git.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t0020-crlf.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t0025-crlf-auto.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t0026-eol-config.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t0030-stripspace.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t0300-credentials.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t1000-read-tree-m-3way.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t1001-read-tree-m-2way.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t1002-read-tree-m-u-2way.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t1003-read-tree-prefix.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t1004-read-tree-m-u-wf.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t1020-subdirectory.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t1050-large.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t3905-stash-include-untracked.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t3910-mac-os-precompose.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t4006-diff-mode.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t4010-diff-pathspec.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t4012-diff-binary.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t4013-diff-various.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t4014-format-patch.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t4036-format-patch-signer-mime.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t4038-diff-combined.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t4057-diff-combined-paths.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t4116-apply-reverse.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t4119-apply-config.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t4204-patch-id.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
t5000-tar-tree.sh: use the $( ... ) construct for command substitution
scripts: "export VAR=VALUE" construct is not portable
check_bindir: avoid "test <cond> -a/-o <cond>"
contrib/examples/git-clone.sh: avoid "test <cond> -a/-o <cond>"
contrib/examples/git-commit.sh: avoid "test <cond> -a/-o <cond>"
contrib/examples/git-merge.sh: avoid "test <cond> -a/-o <cond>"
contrib/examples/git-repack.sh: avoid "test <cond> -a/-o <cond>"
contrib/examples/git-resolve.sh: avoid "test <cond> -a/-o <cond>"
git-bisect.sh: avoid "test <cond> -a/-o <cond>"
git-mergetool.sh: avoid "test <cond> -a/-o <cond>"
git-rebase--interactive.sh: avoid "test <cond> -a/-o <cond>"
t/lib-httpd.sh: avoid "test <cond> -a/-o <cond>"
t/t0025-crlf-auto.sh: avoid "test <cond> -a/-o <cond>"
t/t0026-eol-config.sh: avoid "test <cond> -a/-o <cond>"
t/t4102-apply-rename.sh: avoid "test <cond> -a/-o <cond>"
t/t5000-tar-tree.sh: avoid "test <cond> -a/-o <cond>"
t/t5403-post-checkout-hook.sh: avoid "test <cond> -a/-o <cond>"
t/t5538-push-shallow.sh: avoid "test <cond> -a/-o <cond>"
t/t9814-git-p4-rename.sh: avoid "test <cond> -a/-o <cond>"
t/test-lib-functions.sh: avoid "test <cond> -a/-o <cond>"
git-submodule.sh: avoid "test <cond> -a/-o <cond>"
submodule.c: use the ARRAY_SIZE macro

Ephrim Khong (1):
sha1_file: do not add own object directory as alternate

Eric Wong (1):
config: preserve config file permissions on edits

Erik Faye-Lund (1):
send-email: recognize absolute path on Windows

Fabian Ruch (1):
sequencer: signal failed ff as an aborted, not a conflicted merge

Felipe Contreras (13):
fast-export: improve argument parsing
fast-export: add new --refspec option
transport-helper: add support for old:new refspec
transport-helper: add support to push symbolic refs
fast-import: add support to delete refs
fast-export: add support to delete refs
transport-helper: add support to delete branches
transport-helper: remove unnecessary strbuf resets
mergetools: add vimdiff3 mode
mergetool: run prompt only if guessed tool
merge: enable defaulttoupstream by default
rerere: fix for merge.conflictstyle
silence a bunch of format-zero-length warnings

Ilya Bobyr (4):
test-lib: document short options in t/README
test-lib: tests skipped by GIT_SKIP_TESTS say so
test-lib: '--run' to run only specific tests
gitk: Replace SHA1 entry field on keyboard paste

Jacek Konieczny (1):
pull: do not abuse 'break' inside a shell 'case'

Jacob Keller (2):
tag: fix --sort tests to use cat<<-\EOF format
tag: support configuring --sort via .gitconfig

James Denholm (6):
contrib/subtree/Makefile: scrap unused $(gitdir)
contrib/subtree/Makefile: use GIT-VERSION-FILE
contrib/subtree/Makefile: s/libexecdir/gitexecdir/
contrib/subtree/Makefile: clean up rules to generate documentation
contrib/subtree/Makefile: clean up rule for "clean"
contrib/subtree: allow adding an annotated tag

Jason St. John (1):
Documentation: use "command-line" when used as a compound adjective, and fix other minor grammatical issues

Jean-Jacques Lafay (1):
git tag --contains: avoid stack overflow

Jeff King (131):
run_external_diff: use an argv_array for the environment
run_external_diff: clean up error handling
run_external_diff: drop fflush(NULL)
run_external_diff: hoist common bits out of conditional
run_external_diff: refactor cmdline setup logic
commit: do not complain of empty messages from -C
t3910: show failure of core.precomposeunicode with decomposed filenames
replace: refactor command-mode determination
replace: use OPT_CMDMODE to handle modes
replace: factor object resolution out of replace_object
replace: add --edit option
commit: use split_ident_line to compare author/committer
pretty: make show_ident_date public
commit: print "Date" line when the user has set date
commit: accept more date formats for "--date"
inline constant return from error() function
let clang use the constant-return error() macro
grep: use run-command's "dir" option for --open-files-in-pager
t/lib-httpd: require SANITY prereq
index-pack: distinguish missing objects from type errors
run_diff_files: do not look at uninitialized stat data
run-command: store an optional argv_array
run_column_filter: use argv_array
git_connect: use argv_array
get_helper: use run-command's internal argv_array
get_exporter: use argv_array
get_importer: use run-command's internal argv_array
argv-array: drop "detach" code
open_sha1_file: report "most interesting" errno
move "--follow needs one pathspec" rule to diff_setup_done
format-patch: make newline after signature conditional
daemon/config: factor out duplicate xstrdup_tolower
test-lib: preserve GIT_CURL_VERBOSE from the environment
t/lib-httpd: use write_script to copy CGI scripts
t5550: test display of remote http error messages
strbuf: add strbuf_tolower function
http: extract type/subtype portion of content-type
http: optionally extract charset parameter from content-type
strbuf: add strbuf_reencode helper
remote-curl: reencode http error messages
http: default text charset to iso-8859-1
t5537: re-drop http tests
error_resolve_conflict: rewrap advice message
error_resolve_conflict: drop quotations around operation
update-index: fix segfault with missing --cacheinfo argument
repack: do not accidentally pack kept objects by default
repack: respect pack.writebitmaps
repack: s/write_bitmap/&s/ in code
pack-objects: stop respecting pack.writebitmaps
repack: simplify handling of --write-bitmap-index
repack: introduce repack.writeBitmaps config option
commit_tree: take a pointer/len pair rather than a const strbuf
replace dangerous uses of strbuf_attach
alloc: include any-object allocations in alloc_report
commit: push commit_index update into alloc_commit_node
do not create "struct commit" with xcalloc
logmsg_reencode: return const buffer
sequencer: use logmsg_reencode in get_message
t7700: drop explicit --no-pack-kept-objects from .keep test
provide a helper to free commit buffer
provide a helper to set the commit buffer
provide helpers to access the commit buffer
use get_cached_commit_buffer where appropriate
use get_commit_buffer to avoid duplicate code
convert logmsg_reencode to get_commit_buffer
use get_commit_buffer everywhere
commit-slab: provide a static initializer
commit: convert commit->buffer to a slab
commit: record buffer length in cache
reuse cached commit buffer when parsing signatures
t7510: stop referring to master in later tests
t7510: test a commit signed by an unknown key
t7510: check %G* pretty-format output
pretty: avoid reading past end-of-string with "%G"
parse_diff_color_slot: drop ofs parameter
daemon: mark some strings as const
avoid using skip_prefix as a boolean
strbuf: add xstrfmt helper
use xstrfmt in favor of manual size calculations
use xstrdup instead of xmalloc + strcpy
use xstrfmt to replace xmalloc + sprintf
use xstrfmt to replace xmalloc + strcpy/strcat
setup_git_env: use git_pathdup instead of xmalloc + sprintf
sequencer: use argv_array_pushf
merge: use argv_array when spawning merge strategy
walker_fetch: fix minor memory leak
unique_path: fix unlikely heap overflow
refactor skip_prefix to return a boolean
apply: use skip_prefix instead of raw addition
fast-import: fix read of uninitialized argv memory
transport-helper: avoid reading past end-of-string
use skip_prefix to avoid magic numbers
use skip_prefix to avoid repeating strings
fast-import: use skip_prefix for parsing input
daemon: use skip_prefix to avoid magic numbers
stat_opt: check extra strlen call
fast-import: refactor parsing of spaces
fetch-pack: refactor parsing in get_ack
git: avoid magic number with skip_prefix
use skip_prefix to avoid repeated calculations
http-push: refactor parsing of remote object names
setup_git_env(): introduce git_path_from_env() helper
move "%G" format test from t7510 to t6006
replace: replace spaces with tabs in indentation
avoid double close of descriptors handed to run_command
replace: use argv_array in export_object
replace: add a --raw mode for --edit
add strip_suffix function
implement ends_with via strip_suffix
replace has_extension with ends_with
use strip_suffix instead of ends_with in simple cases
index-pack: use strip_suffix to avoid magic numbers
strbuf: implement strbuf_strip_suffix
verify-pack: use strbuf_strip_suffix
prepare_packed_git_one: refactor duplicate-pack check
t7300: repair filesystem permissions with test_when_finished
remote-curl: do not complain on EOF from parent git
remote-curl: use error instead of fprintf(stderr)
remote-curl: mark helper-protocol errors more clearly
tag: use skip_prefix instead of magic numbers
alloc: write out allocator definitions
move setting of object->type to alloc_* functions
parse_object_buffer: do not set object type
add object_as_type helper for casting objects
alloc: factor out commit index
object_as_type: set commit index
diff-tree: avoid lookup_unknown_object
prio-queue: factor out compare and swap operations
prio-queue: make output stable with respect to insertion
paint_down_to_common: use prio_queue
t5539: update a flaky test

Jens Lehmann (21):
status/commit: show staged submodules regardless of ignore config
commit -m: commit staged submodules regardless of ignore config
git-gui: show staged submodules regardless of ignore config
git-gui: tolerate major version changes when comparing the git version
gitk: Show staged submodules regardless of ignore config
test-lib: add test_dir_is_empty()
t/Makefile: check helper scripts for non-portable shell commands too
t/Makefile: always test all lint targets when running tests
submodules: add the lib-submodule-update.sh test library
checkout: call the new submodule update test framework
apply: add t4137 for submodule updates
read-tree: add t1013 for submodule updates
reset: add t7112 for submodule updates
bisect: add t6041 for submodule updates
merge: add t7613 for submodule updates
rebase: add t3426 for submodule updates
pull: add t5572 for submodule updates
cherry-pick: add t3512 for submodule updates
am: add t4255 for submodule updates
stash: add t3906 for submodule updates
revert: add t3513 for submodule updates

Jens LindstrÃm (3):
remote rm: delete remote configuration as the last
remote: repack packed-refs once when deleting multiple refs
remote prune: optimize "dangling symref" check/warning

Jeremiah Mahler (7):
format-patch: add "--signature-file=<file>" option
t9138-git-svn-authors-prog.sh fixups
Documentation: wording fixes in the user manual and glossary
t/t7810-grep.sh: remove duplicate test_config()
api-strbuf.txt minor typos
name-hash.c: replace cache_name_compare() with memcmp(3)
cleanup duplicate name_compare() functions

Jiang Xin (2):
blame: fix broken time_buf paddings in relative timestamp
blame: dynamic blame_date_width for different locales

Johannes Schindelin (2):
git grep -O -i: if the pager is 'less', pass the '-I' option
Win32: let mingw_execve() return an int

Johannes Sixt (1):
fix brown paper bag breakage in t5150-request-pull.sh

John Keeping (4):
completion: add a note that merge options are shared
completion: add missing options for git-merge
rebase--am: use --cherry-pick instead of --ignore-if-in-upstream
rebase: omit patch-identical commits with --fork-point

Jonathan McCrohan (1):
git-instaweb: add support for Apache 2.4

Jonathan Nieder (4):
contrib: remove vim support instructions
contrib: remove git-diffall
test-lint: find unportable sed, echo, test, and export usage after &&
test doc: test_write_lines does not split its arguments

Junio C Hamano (49):
apply --ignore-space-change: lines with and without leading whitespaces do not match
send-email: windows drive prefix (e.g. C:) appears only at the beginning
mergetool: document the default for --[no-]prompt
compat/bswap.h: restore preference __BIG_ENDIAN over BIG_ENDIAN
CodingGuidelines: once it is in, it is not worth the code churn
CodingGuidelines: give an example for case/esac statement
CodingGuidelines: give an example for redirection
CodingGuidelines: give an example for control statements
CodingGuidelines: give an example for shell function preamble
CodingGuidelines: do not call the conditional statement "if()"
CodingGuidelines: on comparison
CodingGuidelines: on splitting a long line
CodingGuidelines: avoid "test <cond> -a/-o <cond>"
scripts: more "export VAR=VALUE" fixes
Git 1.9.4
fetch doc: update introductory part for clarity
fetch doc: update note on '+' in front of the refspec
fetch doc: remove notes on outdated "mixed layout"
First batch for 2.1
shortlog: allow --exclude=<glob> to be passed
fetch doc: on pulling multiple refspecs
fetch doc: update refspec format description
fetch doc: remove "short-cut" section
fetch doc: add a section on configured remote-tracking branches
fetch: allow explicit --refmap to override configuration
Second batch for 2.1
Update draft release notes to 2.1
test: turn EXPENSIVE into a lazy prerequisite
test: turn USR_BIN_TIME into a lazy prerequisite
t3302: coding style updates
t3302: do not chdir around in the primary test process
t3302: drop unnecessary NOT_EXPENSIVE pseudo-prerequisite
t3419: drop unnecessary NOT_EXPENSIVE pseudo-prerequisite
revision: parse "git log -<count>" more carefully
t0008: do not depend on 'echo' handling backslashes specially
Third batch for 2.1
git-submodule.sh: avoid "echo" path-like values
Fourth batch for 2.1
builtin/clone.c: detect a clone starting at a tag correctly
Git 2.0.1
Fifth batch for 2.1
Sixth batch for 2.1
Start preparing for 2.0.2
Seventh batch for 2.1
Git 2.0.2
Eighth batch for 2.1
Ninth batch for 2.1
Git 2.0.3
Git 2.1.0-rc0

JÃrn Engel (1):
pager: do allow spawning pager recursively

Karsten Blees (46):
MSVC: link dynamically to the CRT
Win32 dirent: remove unused dirent.d_ino member
Win32 dirent: remove unused dirent.d_reclen member
Win32 dirent: change FILENAME_MAX to MAX_PATH
Win32 dirent: clarify #include directives
Win32 dirent: improve dirent implementation
Win32: move main macro to a function
Win32: support Unicode console output
Win32: detect console streams more reliably
Win32: warn if the console font doesn't support Unicode
Win32: add Unicode conversion functions
Win32: Thread-safe windows console output
Win32: fix broken pipe detection
Win32: reliably detect console pipe handles
Win32: simplify internal mingw_spawn* APIs
Win32: fix potential multi-threading issue
MinGW: disable CRT command line globbing
Win32: Unicode arguments (outgoing)
Win32: Unicode arguments (incoming)
trace: move trace declarations from cache.h to new trace.h
trace: consistently name the format parameter
trace: remove redundant printf format attribute
symlinks: remove PATH_MAX limitation
hashmap: factor out getting a hash code from a SHA1
hashmap: improve struct hashmap member documentation
hashmap: add simplified hashmap_get_from_hash() API
hashmap: add string interning API
cache.h: rename cache_def_free to cache_def_clear
trace: improve trace performance
Documentation/git.txt: improve documentation of 'GIT_TRACE*' variables
sha1_file: change GIT_TRACE_PACK_ACCESS logging to use trace API
trace: add infrastructure to augment trace output with additional info
trace: disable additional trace output for unit tests
trace: add current timestamp to all trace output
trace: move code around, in preparation to file:line output
trace: add 'file:line' to all trace output
trace: add high resolution timer function to debug performance issues
trace: add trace_performance facility to debug performance issues
git: add performance tracing for git's main() function to debug scripts
wt-status: simplify performance measurement by using getnanotime()
progress: simplify performance measurement by using getnanotime()
api-trace.txt: add trace API documentation
Win32: Unicode file name support (except dirent)
Win32: Unicode file name support (dirent)
MinGW: fix compile error due to missing ELOOP
config: use chmod() instead of fchmod()

Kirill Smelkov (20):
combine-diff: move show_log_first logic/action out of paths scanning
combine-diff: move changed-paths scanning logic into its own function
tree-diff: no need to manually verify that there is no mode change for a path
tree-diff: no need to pass match to skip_uninteresting()
tree-diff: show_tree() is not needed
tree-diff: consolidate code for emitting diffs and recursion in one place
tree-diff: don't assume compare_tree_entry() returns -1,0,1
tree-diff: move all action-taking code out of compare_tree_entry()
tree-diff: rename compare_tree_entry -> tree_entry_pathcmp
tree-diff: show_path prototype is not needed anymore
tree-diff: simplify tree_entry_pathcmp
tree-diff: remove special-case diff-emitting code for empty-tree cases
tree-diff: diff_tree() should now be static
tree-diff: rework diff_tree interface to be sha1 based
tree-diff: no need to call "full" diff_tree_sha1 from show_path()
tree-diff: reuse base str(buf) memory on sub-tree recursion
Portable alloca for Git
tree-diff: rework diff_tree() to generate diffs for multiparent cases as well
combine-diff: speed it up, by using multiparent diff tree-walker directly
mingw: activate alloca

Linus Torvalds (1):
git log: support "auto" decorations

Luis R. Rodriguez (1):
git.c: treat RUN_SETUP_GENTLY and RUN_SETUP as mutually exclusive

Marc Branchaud (2):
fetch doc: move FETCH_HEAD material lower and add an example
docs: Explain the purpose of fetch's and pull's <refspec> parameter.

Matthew Chen (1):
submodule: document "sync --recursive"

Matthieu Moy (4):
git-remote-mediawiki: allow stop/start-ing the test server
git-remote-mediawiki: fix encoding issue for UTF-8 media files
pager: remove 'S' from $LESS by default
rebase -i: test "Nothing to do" case with autostash

Max Kirillov (5):
git-show: fix 'git show -s' to not add extra terminator after merge commit
gitk: Switch to patch mode when searching for line origin
gitk: Add visiblerefs option, which lists always-shown branches
t6023-merge-file.sh: fix and mark as broken invalid tests
git-merge-file: do not add LF at EOF while applying unrelated change

Maxime Coste (2):
git-p4: Do not include diff in spec file when just preparing p4
git-p4: fix submit in non --prepare-p4-only mode

Michael Barabanov (1):
use local cloning if insteadOf makes a local URL

Michael Haggerty (27):
t1400: fix name and expected result of one test
t1400: provide more usual input to the command
parse_arg(): really test that argument is properly terminated
t1400: add some more tests involving quoted arguments
refs.h: rename the action_on_err constants
update_refs(): fix constness
update-ref --stdin: read the whole input at once
parse_cmd_verify(): copy old_sha1 instead of evaluating <oldvalue> twice
update-ref.c: extract a new function, parse_refname()
update-ref --stdin: improve error messages for invalid values
update-ref --stdin: make error messages more consistent
update-ref --stdin: simplify error messages for missing oldvalues
t1400: test that stdin -z update treats empty <newvalue> as zeros
update-ref.c: extract a new function, parse_next_sha1()
update-ref --stdin -z: deprecate interpreting the empty string as zeros
t1400: test one mistake at a time
update-ref --stdin: improve the error message for unexpected EOF
update-ref --stdin: harmonize error messages
refs: add a concept of a reference transaction
update-ref --stdin: reimplement using reference transactions
refs: remove API function update_refs()
struct ref_update: rename field "ref_name" to "refname"
struct ref_update: store refname as a FLEX_ARRAY
ref_transaction_commit(): simplify code using temporary variables
struct ref_update: add a lock field
struct ref_update: add a type field
ref_transaction_commit(): work with transaction->updates in place

Michael J Gruber (7):
t7510: use consistent &&-chains in loop
gpg-interface: provide clear helper for struct signature_check
gpg-interface: provide access to the payload
verify-commit: scriptable commit signature verification
t7510: exit for loop with test result
t7510: test verify-commit
log: correctly identify mergetag signature verification status

Michael Naumov (1):
sideband.c: do not use ANSI control sequence on non-terminal

Michael S. Tsirkin (6):
git-send-email: two new options: to-cover, cc-cover
test/send-email: to-cover, cc-cover tests
rebase --keep-empty -i: add test
test: add test_write_lines helper
patch-id: make it stable against hunk reordering
patch-id-test: test stable and unstable behaviour

Nguyán ThÃi Ngác Duy (40):
index-pack: work around thread-unsafe pread()
ewah: fix constness of ewah_read_mmap
ewah: delete unused ewah_read_mmap_native declaration
sequencer: do not update/refresh index if the lock cannot be held
config: be strict on core.commentChar
commit: allow core.commentChar=auto for character auto selection
gc --auto: do not lock refs in the background
git potty: restore environments after alias expansion
read-cache: new API write_locked_index instead of write_index/write_cache
read-cache: relocate and unexport commit_locked_index()
read-cache: store in-memory flags in the first 12 bits of ce_flags
read-cache: be strict about "changed" in remove_marked_cache_entries()
read-cache: be specific what part of the index has changed
update-index: be specific what part of the index has changed
resolve-undo: be specific what part of the index has changed
unpack-trees: be specific what part of the index has changed
cache-tree: mark istate->cache_changed on cache tree invalidation
cache-tree: mark istate->cache_changed on cache tree update
cache-tree: mark istate->cache_changed on prime_cache_tree()
entry.c: update cache_changed if refresh_cache is set in checkout_entry()
read-cache: save index SHA-1 after reading
read-cache: split-index mode
read-cache: mark new entries for split index
read-cache: save deleted entries in split index
read-cache: mark updated entries for split index
split-index: the writing part
split-index: the reading part
split-index: do not invalidate cache-tree at read time
split-index: strip pathname of on-disk replaced entries
update-index: new options to enable/disable split index mode
update-index --split-index: do not split if $GIT_DIR is read only
rev-parse: add --shared-index-path to get shared index path
read-tree: force split-index mode off on --index-output
read-tree: note about dropping split-index mode or index version
read-cache: force split index mode with GIT_TEST_SPLIT_INDEX
t2104: make sure split index mode is off for the version test
t1700: new tests for split-index mode
dir.c: coding style fix
dir.h: move struct exclude declaration to top level
prep_exclude: remove the artificial PATH_MAX limit

Nick Alcock (1):
t5538: move http push tests out to t5542

Pasha Bolokhov (1):
dir.c:trim_trailing_spaces(): fix for " \ " sequence

Pat Thoyts (2):
wincred: add install target
wincred: avoid overwriting configured variables

Philip Oakley (1):
doc: give some guidelines for error messages

Ramkumar Ramachandra (1):
rebase -i: handle "Nothing to do" case with autostash

Ramsay Allan Jones (2):
t0000-*.sh: fix the GIT_SKIP_TESTS sub-tests
alloc.c: remove the alloc_raw_commit_node() function

Renà Scharfe (28):
mailinfo: use strcmp() for string comparison
pack-objects: use free()+xcalloc() instead of xrealloc()+memset()
Use starts_with() for C strings instead of memcmp()
blame: factor out get_next_line()
blame: simplify prepare_lines()
wt-status: use argv_array for environment
wt-status: simplify building of summary limit argument
sha1_file: replace PATH_MAX buffer with strbuf in prepare_packed_git_one()
sha1_file: avoid overrunning alternate object base string
t5000, t5003: simplify commit
diff-tree: call free_commit_list() instead of duplicating its code
line-log: use commit_list_append() instead of duplicating its code
use strbuf_addbuf for adding strbufs
use strbuf_addch for adding single characters
merge: simplify merge_trivial() by using commit_list_append()
commit: use commit_list_append() instead of duplicating its code
fsck: simplify fsck_commit_buffer() by using commit_list_count()
annotate: use argv_array
strbuf: use strbuf_addstr() for adding C strings
use commit_list_count() to count the members of commit_lists
run-command: use internal argv_array of struct child_process in run_hook_ve()
transport: simplify fetch_objs_via_rsync() using argv_array
fast-import: use hashcmp() for SHA1 hash comparison
bundle: use internal argv_array of struct child_process in create_bundle()
remote-testsvn: use internal argv_array of struct child_process in cmd_import()
unix-socket: remove stale socket before calling chdir()
use xcalloc() to allocate zero-initialized memory
use xmemdupz() to allocate copies of strings given by start and length

RomanBelinsky (1):
SVN.pm::parse_svn_date: allow timestamps with a single-digit hour

Ronnie Sahlberg (27):
sequencer.c: check for lock failure and bail early in fast_forward_to
commit.c: check for lock error and return early
refs.c: add new functions reflog_exists and delete_reflog
checkout.c: use ref_exists instead of file_exist
refs.c: change read_ref_at to use the reflog iterators
enums: remove trailing ',' after last item in enum
enums: remove trailing ',' after last item in enum
refs.c: remove ref_transaction_rollback
refs.c: ref_transaction_commit should not free the transaction
refs.c: constify the sha arguments for ref_transaction_create|delete|update
refs.c: allow passing NULL to ref_transaction_free
refs.c: add a strbuf argument to ref_transaction_commit for error logging
lockfile.c: add a new public function unable_to_lock_message
lockfile.c: make lock_file return a meaningful errno on failurei
refs.c: add an err argument to repack_without_refs
refs.c: make sure log_ref_setup returns a meaningful errno
refs.c: verify_lock should set errno to something meaningful
refs.c: make remove_empty_directories always set errno to something sane
refs.c: commit_packed_refs to return a meaningful errno on failure
refs.c: make resolve_ref_unsafe set errno to something meaningful on error
refs.c: log_ref_write should try to return meaningful errno
refs.c: make ref_update_reject_duplicates take a strbuf argument for errors
refs.c: make update_ref_write update a strbuf on failure
update-ref: use err argument to get error from ref_transaction_commit
refs.c: remove the onerr argument to ref_transaction_commit
refs.c: change ref_transaction_update() to do error checking and return status
refs.c: add a public is_branch function

Stefan Beller (3):
.mailmap: map different names with the same email address together
git.1: switch homepage for stats
.mailmap: combine Stefan Beller's emails

Steffen Prohaska (1):
completion: handle '!f() { ... }; f' and "!sh -c '...' -" aliases

Stepan Kasal (3):
Revert "submodules: fix ambiguous absolute paths under Windows"
t5000, t5003: do not use test_cmp to compare binary files
mingw: avoid const warning

Stephen P. Smith (1):
How to keep a project's canonical history correct.

Steve Hoelzer (1):
environment.c: enable core.preloadindex by default

Tanay Abhra (4):
string-list: spell all values out that are given to a string_list initializer
imap-send: use skip_prefix instead of using magic numbers
string-list: add string_list initializer helper function
replace memset with string-list initializers

Theodore Leblond (1):
compat/poll: sleep 1 millisecond to avoid busy wait

Thorsten Glaser (1):
builtin/tag.c: show tag name to hint in the message editor

Torsten BÃgershausen (7):
utf8.c: use a table for double_width
utf8: make it easier to auto-update git_wcwidth()
t5551: fix the 50,000 tag test
t9001: avoid non-portable '\n' with sed
Update of unicode_width.h to Unicode Version 7.0
t0025: rename the test files
t0027: combinations of core.autocrlf, core.eol and text

Trán Ngác QuÃn (1):
l10n: Init Vietnamese translation

W. Trevor King (1):
Documentation: mention config sources for @{upstream}

William Giokas (1):
svn-fe: conform to pep8

Yi EungJun (2):
http-protocol.txt: Basic Auth is defined in RFC 2617, not RFC 2616
http: fix charset detection of extract_content_type()

Yiannis Marangos (2):
wrapper.c: add xpread() similar to xread()
read-cache.c: verify index file before we opportunistically update it

Zoltan Klinger (1):
log: fix indentation for --graph --show-signature

brian m. carlson (3):
blame: correctly handle files regardless of autocrlf
rebase--merge: fix --skip with two conflicts in a row
Documentation: fix missing text for rev-parse --verify

Ãystein Walle (1):
config: respect '~' and '~user' in mailmap.file

Ãyvind A. Holm (1):
.gitignore: "git-verify-commit" is a generated file

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