Re: [PATCH v4] usb:serial:pl2303: add GPIOs interface on PL2303

From: Linus Walleij
Date: Mon Jul 28 2014 - 06:16:20 EST

On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 7:03 PM, Wang YanQing <udknight@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> PL2303HX has two GPIOs, this patch add interface for it.
> Signed-off-by: Wang YanQing <udknight@xxxxxxxxx>
> ---
> Changes v3-v4:
> 1: fix missing static for gpio_dir_mask and gpio_value_mask
> 2: reduce unneeded compile macro defined suggested by gnomes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> 3: use true instead of 1 corrected by Linus Walleij
> 4: ignore return value of gpiochip_remove suggested by Linus Walleij
> 5: fix multi gpio_chips registered by pl2303 can't be distinguished in kernel space.

This is OK with me now,
Reviewed-by: Linus Walleij <linus.walleij@xxxxxxxxxx>

Linus Walleij
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