Re: [v2] input: drv260x: Add TI drv260x haptics driver

From: simon
Date: Mon Jul 28 2014 - 14:37:39 EST

>> The initial driver supports the devices
>> real time playback mode. But the device
>> has additional wave patterns in ROM.
> As it presented the device appears to be a memoryless device, however
> you present it to the rest of the system as if it can support playback
> of multiple effects simultaneously, which is incorrect.
> My guess that you need to engage the memoryless input library to schedule
> handling multiple effects for your device, including ramping up, ramping
> down, stopping playback when effects runs out, etc.

Hi Dan,
Elias and Michal (cc'ed) are working on a kernel/userland library to
handle sending multiple force feedback signals to 'simple' devices,
perhaps you should engage with them.


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