RE: [PATCH] ixgbe: remove useless bd_number from adapter struct

From: Brown, Aaron F
Date: Mon Jul 28 2014 - 22:52:35 EST

> From: linux-kernel-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:linux-kernel-
> owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Ethan Zhao
> Sent: Monday, July 28, 2014 12:41 AM
> To: Kirsher, Jeffrey T; Brandeburg, Jesse; Allan, Bruce W; Wyborny,
> Carolyn; Skidmore, Donald C; Rose, Gregory V; Duyck, Alexander H; Ronciak,
> John; Williams, Mitch A
> Cc: Linux NICS; e1000-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; netdev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;
> linux-kernel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; ethan.kernel@xxxxxxxxx; Ethan Zhao
> Subject: [PATCH] ixgbe: remove useless bd_number from adapter struct
> Because bd_number is not useful anymore, so remove it from adapter struct,
> or
> if keep it, we have to fix the boards driven counter bug in ixgbe_remove()
> and
> ixgbe_probe() only for trival debug purpose -- other output is enough.

Thanks Ethan, I (briefly covering for Jeff Kirsher) have added this patch and your other one ofr ixgbevf to Jeff's internal tree.
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