Re: [PATCH v5 02/14] mm, compaction: defer each zone individually instead of preferred zone

From: Vlastimil Babka
Date: Tue Jul 29 2014 - 05:12:57 EST

On 07/29/2014 08:38 AM, Joonsoo Kim wrote:
/* Return values for compact_zone() and try_to_compact_pages() */
+/* compaction didn't start as it was deferred due to past failures */
/* compaction didn't start as it was not possible or direct reclaim was more suitable */


This change makes some users of compaction_suitable() failed
unintentionally, because they assume that COMPACT_SKIPPED is 0.
Please fix them according to this change.

Oops, good catch. Thanks!

@@ -2324,27 +2327,31 @@ __alloc_pages_direct_compact(gfp_t gfp_mask, unsigned int order,
order, zonelist, high_zoneidx,
alloc_flags & ~ALLOC_NO_WATERMARKS,
preferred_zone, classzone_idx, migratetype);
if (page) {
- preferred_zone->compact_blockskip_flush = false;
- compaction_defer_reset(preferred_zone, order, true);
+ struct zone *zone = page_zone(page);
+ zone->compact_blockskip_flush = false;
+ compaction_defer_reset(zone, order, true);
return page;

+ * last_compact_zone is where try_to_compact_pages thought
+ * allocation should succeed, so it did not defer compaction.
+ * But now we know that it didn't succeed, so we do the defer.
+ */
+ if (last_compact_zone && mode != MIGRATE_ASYNC)
+ defer_compaction(last_compact_zone, order);

I still don't understand why defer_compaction() is needed here.
defer_compaction() is intended for not struggling doing compaction on
the zone where we already have tried compaction and found that it
isn't suitable for compaction. Allocation failure doesn't tell us
that we have tried compaction for all the zone range so we shouldn't
make a decision here to defer compaction on this zone carelessly.

OK I can remove that, it should make the code nicer anyway. I also agree with the argument "for all the zone range" and I also realized that it's not (both before and after this patch) really the case. I planned to fix that in the future, but I can probably do it now.
The plan is to call defer_compaction() only when compaction returned COMPACT_COMPLETE (and not COMPACT_PARTIAL) as it means the whole zone was scanned. Otherwise there will be bias towards the beginning of the zone in the migration scanner - compaction will be deferred half-way and then cached pfn's might be reset when it restarts, and the rest of the zone won't be scanned at all.


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