[PATCH 0/9] use correct structure type name in sizeof

From: Julia Lawall
Date: Tue Jul 29 2014 - 11:24:33 EST

These patches fix typos in the name of a type referenced in a sizeof
command. These problems are not caught by the compiler, because they have
no impact on execution - the size of a pointer is independent of the size
of the pointed value.

The semantic patch that finds these problems is shown below
(http://coccinelle.lip6.fr/). This semantic patch distinguishes between
structures that are defined in C files, and thus are expected to be visible
in only that file, and structures that are defined in header files, which
could potential be visible everywhere. This distinction seems to be
unnecessary in practice, though.

virtual after_start


type fl = C of string | H

let structures = Hashtbl.create 101
let restarted = ref false

let add_if_not_present _ =
if not !restarted
restarted := true;
let it = new iteration() in
it#add_virtual_rule After_start;

let hashadd str file =
let cell =
try Hashtbl.find structures str
with Not_found ->
let cell = ref [] in
Hashtbl.add structures str cell;
cell in
if not (List.mem file !cell) then cell := file :: !cell

let get_file fl =
if Filename.check_suffix fl ".c"
then C fl
else H

@script:ocaml depends on !after_start@

@r depends on !after_start@
identifier nm;
position p;

struct nm@p { ... };

nm << r.nm;
p << r.p;

hashadd nm (get_file (List.hd p).file)

// -------------------------------------------------------------------------

@sz depends on after_start@
identifier nm;
position p;

sizeof(struct nm@p *)

nm << sz.nm;
p << sz.p;

let allowed = !(Hashtbl.find structures nm) in
if List.mem H allowed or List.mem (get_file (List.hd p).file) allowed
then ()
else print_main nm p
with Not_found -> print_main nm p

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