Re: [PATCH] tcp: don't require root to read tcp_metrics

From: Banerjee, Debabrata
Date: Wed Jul 30 2014 - 15:58:46 EST


On 7/30/14, 3:33 PM, "Julian Anastasov" <ja@xxxxxx> wrote:
>On Wed, 30 Jul 2014, Debabrata Banerjee wrote:
>> commit d23ff701643a4a725e2c7a8ba2d567d39daa29ea introduced netlink
>>support for
>> the new tcp_metrics, however it restricted getting of tcp_metrics to
>>root user
>> only. This is a change from how these values could have been fetched
>>when in
>> the old route cache. Unless there's a legitimate reason to restrict the
>> of these values it would be better if normal users could fetch them.
> Not sure how fatal is to show TCP fastopen cookies to
>any user. Otherwise, I don't remember for other restrictions.

TFO cookie as reported is sent in the clear in the tcp header. It is not
the secret/key used to generate the cookie, so this should be fine.


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