Re: PATCH hid: Implement mode switching on Logitech gaming wheels accordingly to the documentation

From: simon
Date: Thu Jul 31 2014 - 13:30:16 EST

> +#define LG4FF_MSW_MIN 0
> +#define LG4FF_MSW_NATIVE 0 /* Switch device to its native mode (if
> applicable) */
> +#define LG4FF_MSW_DONTSWITCH 1 /* Leave device in its current mode */
> +#define LG4FF_MSW_DFP 2 /* Switch device so that it emulates Driving
> Force Pro (only G25, G27, DFGT) */
> +#define LG4FF_MSW_G25 3 /* Switch device so that it emulates G25 (only
> G27) */
> +#define LG4FF_MSW_MAX 3

Just to let everyone know I am looking at this patch, and have emailed
Michal some questions on whether it covers all options for control.


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