Re: [PATCH v3 4/7] Input - wacom: Check for bluetooth protocol while setting OLEDs

From: Przemo Firszt
Date: Thu Jul 31 2014 - 17:14:40 EST

Dnia 2014-07-31, czw o godzinie 08:56 -0700, Ping Cheng pisze:
Hi Ping,
> I'd like to see Przemo's Tested-by tag here as well. Przemo, are you
> done with your testing?

Whole series:
Tested-by: Przemo Firszt <przemo@xxxxxxxxx>

Tested on two Intuos4 Wireless (usb + bt) tablets. Everything works as

If someone wants to test icons scrambling in the userspace I added
option to i4oled (switch -B):

> Thank you Przemo and Benjamin for your effort in making this
> transition smooth and successful. We, at Wacom, are very grateful to
> be part of this great community.
Thanks! All credit goes to Benjamin :-)
Kind regards,
Przemo Firszt

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