Re: [PATCH v3] mfd: syscon: Decouple syscon interface from platform devices

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Wed Sep 17 2014 - 11:23:27 EST

On Wednesday 17 September 2014, Pankaj Dubey wrote:
> ---
> V2 of this patchset and related discussion can be found here [1].
> Changes since v2:
> - Added back platform device support from syscon, with one change that
> syscon will not be probed for DT based platform.
> - Added back syscon_regmap_lookup_by_pdevname API so that non-DT base
> users of syscon will not be broken.
> - Removed unwanted change in syscon.h.
> - Modified Signed-off-by list, added Suggested-by of Tomasz Figa and
> Arnd Bergmann.
> - Added Tested-by of Vivek Gautam for testing on Exynos platform.

Looks fine. Provided you can figure out the problem that Dong Aisheng
reported, please add my

Acked-by: Arnd Bergmann <arnd@xxxxxxxx>

> -}
> +static struct syscon *of_syscon_register(struct device_node *np);

One minor comment: please avoid doing forward declarations of
local functions. It took me a while to understand what is going on
because I expect all functions to be ordered such that they only get
called by functions below, and don't need this.

Just move of_syscon_register() here directly.

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