Re: [RESEND PATCH 1/3] x86: Adding structs to reflect cpuid fields

From: Paolo Bonzini
Date: Thu Sep 18 2014 - 09:07:51 EST

Il 17/09/2014 16:06, Borislav Petkov ha scritto:
>> > AFAIK backward compatibility is usually maintained in x86. I did not
>> > see in Intel SDM anything that says "this CPUID field means something
>> > for CPU X and something else for CPU Y". Anyhow, it is not different
>> > than bitmasks in this respect.
> You still don't get my point: what are you going to do when
> min_monitor_line_size needs to be 17 bits all of a sudden?

The extra bit used to be reserved and thus will be zero on older
families. So, nothing?

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