Re: [PATCH] pinctrl: qcom: use restart_notifier mechanism for ps_hold

From: Josh Cartwright
Date: Thu Sep 18 2014 - 18:55:26 EST

On Thu, Sep 18, 2014 at 03:47:20PM -0700, Kumar Gala wrote:
> On Sep 18, 2014, at 3:32 PM, Josh Cartwright <joshc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > By converting to the restart_notifier mechanism for restart, we allow
> > for other mechanisms, like the watchdog, to be used for restart in the
> > case where PS_HOLD has failed to reset the chip.
> >
> > Choose priority 128, as according to documentation, this mechanism "is
> > sufficient to restart the entire system?.
> Will we use a higher priority for watchdog? or how would we fail over to watchdog?

The registered restart handlers are called in (descending) priority
order. This driver registers as 128, but conceivably there could be
some super-board-specific restart mechanism that can register itself as
higher priority than this and it will be attempted first.

If PS_HOLD doesn't work, the lower priority restart handlers will
continue to be called, including the watchdog, which is registering with
the lowest priority (0).

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