Re: [PATCH v11 04/10] PCI: OF: Fix the conversion of IO ranges into IO resources.

From: Bjorn Helgaas
Date: Fri Sep 19 2014 - 16:56:25 EST

On Thu, Sep 18, 2014 at 02:30:19AM +0100, Liviu Dudau wrote:
> The ranges property for a host bridge controller in DT describes
> the mapping between the PCI bus address and the CPU physical address.
> The resources framework however expects that the IO resources start
> at a pseudo "port" address 0 (zero) and have a maximum size of IO_SPACE_LIMIT.
> The conversion from pci ranges to resources failed to take that into account.
> In the process move the function into drivers/of/address.c as it now
> depends on pci_address_to_pio() code and make it return an error code.

I think you're talking about of_pci_range_to_resource(). Can you split
this into one patch that moves it from of_address.h to of/address.c without
changing its functionality, and a second one that does the actual change?

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