Re: [PATCH v6 0/4] LED triggers for USB host and device

From: Felipe Balbi
Date: Wed Sep 24 2014 - 16:59:47 EST

On Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 10:43:17PM +0200, Michal Sojka wrote:
> This adds LED triggers for USB host and device. First two patches
> refactor UDC drivers as requested by Felipe Balbi, the next renames a
> file and the last is the actual implementation of the LED triggers.
> Changes from v5:
> - Refactoring of USB gadget completion split into two patches (Filipe
> Balbi)
> - Removed check for non-NULL req->completion (Filipe Balbi)
> Changes from v4:
> - Added performance numbers to the commit message of the last patch
> (greg k-h).
> - Replaced BUG_ON with pr_err (Alan Stern, greg k-h).
> - Used proper coding style for switch statement (greg k-h).
> - Added comment about NULL argument (greg k-h).
> - EXPORT_SYMBOL changed to EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL (greg k-h).
> - Both triggers are now registerd even if host or gagdet subsystem
> is not enabled (Bryan Wu, greg k-h).
> Changes from v3:
> - usb_gadget_giveback_request() moved outside of CONFIG_HAS_DMA
> conditioned block.
> - Added kernel-doc for usb_gadget_giveback_request() (Felipe Balbi).
> - Removed outdated comment (Alan Stern).
> - req->complete == NULL is now a bug. Previously, this was ignored
> (Alan Stern).
> - File rename moved to a separate commit (greg k-h).
> Changes from v2:
> - Host/gadget triggers merged to a single file in usb/common/ (Felipe
> Balbi).
> - UDC drivers refactored so that LED trigger works for all of them.
> Changes from v1:
> - Moved from drivers/leds/ to drivers/usb/.
> - Improved Kconfig help.
> - Linked with other modules rather than being standalone modules.
> Michal Sojka (4):
> usb: gadget: Introduce usb_gadget_giveback_request()
> usb: gadget: Refactor request completion
> usb: Rename usb-common.c
> usb: Add LED triggers for USB activity

Greg, how do you want to handle this one as it touched both host and
gadget ? I could wait until you apply this series to your usb-next and
based my pull request on that. That'll work as long as it doesn't take
too long for this to be merged.



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