Re: [PATCH v3] ARM: dts: add CPU nodes for Exynos4 SoCs

From: Tomasz Figa
Date: Thu Sep 25 2014 - 04:57:35 EST

On 25.09.2014 10:44, Kukjin Kim wrote:
> On 09/25/14 17:28, Tomasz Figa wrote:
>> Hi Kukjin,
>> On 25.09.2014 10:26, Kukjin Kim wrote:
>>> On 09/25/14 17:17, Lorenzo Pieralisi wrote:
>>>> [CC'ed Daniel to make him aware this patch goes through your tree]
>>> Thanks and just note the branch which is including this change actually
>>> v4 is just rebased not v3 will be sent out to arm-soc last tonight or
>>> tomorrow.
> v3 is correct :) sorry, I confused the version...
>> Could you keep this patch in a separate stable branch, so I could pull
>> it as a dependency for Thomas Abraham's cpufreq series?
> It's possible, but would be better that DT changes are sent to upstream
> through samsung/arm-soc tree?...we suffered ugly conflicts between
> arm-soc and driver before and then we decided DT changes should be
> handled in arm-soc...Hmm...

The only other option I can see is splitting the series and sending
mach/dts patches through arm-soc and clock/cpufreq patches through clock
tree. This would break cpufreq support in both trees, until they both
hit Linus's tree. If this is not a problem, then I can proceed this way.

Please correct me if I'm missing something.

Best regards,
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