Re: [PATCH v6 07/12] usb: chipidea: add a usb2 driver for ci13xxx

From: Felipe Balbi
Date: Thu Sep 25 2014 - 10:16:43 EST

On Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 02:23:38PM +0200, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> On Wednesday 24 September 2014 19:29:05 Peter Chen wrote:
> >
> > So, it is IP CORE LIB (you suggest) vs IP CORE Platform Driver
> > (dwc3, musb, chipidea) you are talking about, right? Except for
> > creating another platform driver as well as related DT node (optional),
> > are there any advantages compared to current IP core driver structure?
> Having a library module usually requires less code, and is more
> consistent with other drivers, which helps new developers understand
> what the driver is doing.

I beg to differ. You end-up having to pass function pointers through
platform_data to handle differences which could be handled by the core

> The most important aspect though is the DT binding: once the structure
> with separate kernel drivers leaks out into the DT format, you can't
> easily change the driver any more, e.g. to make a property that was
> introduced for one glue driver more general so it can get handled by
> the common part. Having a single node lets us convert to the library
> model later, so that would be a strong reason to keep the DT binding
> simple, without child nodes.
> Following that logic, it turns into another reason for using the library
> model to start with, because otherwise the child device does not have
> any DT properties itself and has to rely on the parent device properties,
> which somewhat complicates the driver structure.

this is bullcrap. Take a look at

synopsys DWC3 CORE


Required properties:
- compatible: must be "snps,dwc3"
- reg : Address and length of the register set for the device
- interrupts: Interrupts used by the dwc3 controller.

Optional properties:
- usb-phy : array of phandle for the PHY device. The first element
in the array is expected to be a handle to the USB2/HS PHY and
the second element is expected to be a handle to the USB3/SS PHY
- phys: from the *Generic PHY* bindings
- phy-names: from the *Generic PHY* bindings
- tx-fifo-resize: determines if the FIFO *has* to be reallocated.

This is usually a subnode to DWC3 glue to which it is connected.

dwc3@4a030000 {
compatible = "snps,dwc3";
reg = <0x4a030000 0xcfff>;
interrupts = <0 92 4>
usb-phy = <&usb2_phy>, <&usb3,phy>;

This contains all the attributes it needs to work. In fact, this could
be used without any glue.


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